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18 Nov 09

...the beginning of a wasted Wednesday... - On The Run
SouthSide's back on the beat scouting for something new and eclectic in the local scene. Recently the search took her to the Double Door for a night of psychedelic/fusion rock music. The lineup featured solid performances by On The Run, Band Called Catch, Oui Si Only You and Empra.
Southside highly recommends checking out the lively ...always friendly and funtastic band called Band Called Catch. This local band mixes rock alternative sound with lots of energy and sex appeal by the band's femme fatale, Jessica. There was plenty of band-fan interaction throughout this set especially during their Friendly Song. Watch out for the flying Frisbees heading your way in which you can win fabulous BCC prizes at the end of the show. This reviewer recommends checking out their new song, Here I Come. The title might suggest it's a ballad however it's way more than that. There was fiery passion in the music and lyrics that totally lit up the stage. Since they're "sponsored" by Axe Body Spray, BCC wowed the audience with their rendition of the company's hit commercial song. For more information about this fun band, visit them at
This reviewer highly recommends getting to know a band called On The Run. Their music was an eclectic mix of rock/R&B/funk with a lot of soul from the saxophonist. The music had a vibin' energy of sound which kept the audience grooving to the rhythmic beat. SouthSide liked that this rockin' music was fresh ...alive that she felt certain songs didn't need any lyrics. All they had to do was let the music speak for the band. That's how fantastic OTR's sound was to her ears. Behind such great music was the powerful vocals which matched the energy perfectly. For example, this reviewer suggests their song Beautiful. Though the tempo was at a slower pace than their previous songs, it still retained its energetic momentum and fire for the fans to enjoy. Yet it was the lyrics which made you feel what their music was all about ...they simply made the song feel very beautiful for all. Another song, their new one Tango, played with a R&B and Latin rhythm within their alternative sound. Listen very carefully because that Latin beat sneaks itself in there for a brief moment before disappearing. This lively rhythm had a few in the front dancing. For more information, visit this band at
When seeing Oui Si Only You perform, expect the wildly unexpected, my dear readers. Your ears will definitely bleed (in a good way) from the incredible yet maddening music this local band creates. You'll hear chords and riffs never thought imagined. SouthSide wasn't truly prepared to hear such music as she so thought after the first guitar riff. It's very difficult to describe the mesh of guitar rhythms heard floating inside the venue. They suddenly began in one dimension and then crossed another that was beyond this reviewer's comprehension. In a nutshell, it was fantastically mindblowing! She loved the creepy imagery the music not only present to its audience but also the lyrics. Think of the lyrics, freestyle MC by Ben, as the current state/mood of today's society - so frustrated and angry. He perfectly voiced the angst, etc while jumping (or better yet pounding) his way around the stage. It was a journey via song and sound that dragged this reviewer into the mind of someone's feelings - each song another brick in the personal wall. SouthSide loved it! It was amazing though weird though she felt every ounce of Ben's anger in one set. Yest, my dear readers, there's a face to anger today and it belongs to Oui Si Only You. SouthSide highly recommends taking a trip into this psychedelic mind of frustration with this band. For more information, visit them at
Recent Fearless Radio studio guests, Empra presented the mellower side to psychedelic/experimental music compared to Oui Si Only You's performance. Still, there was a touch of angst in the music ...or merely think of Pink Floyd more relaxed after consuming psychotropic drugs. It might sound like a poor analogy of this band's music however this reviewer enjoyed the trippy guitar riffs during Empra's instrumentals. It also was the variety of music styles within their songs that attracted Southside the most. Each had its own defining personality. Sometimes you could hear the experimental sounds in one and then hardcore metal riffs in the next. She even heard a tender moment of flowery prose and Beatleseque sound in their music. This reviewer recommends checking out their song, Moscow Satellite for its funk/R&B/soul rock music. Meanwhile Colorado was a fast paced guitar rock song with a classic 70s psychedelic sound. Empra also premiered an untitled song for fans though slightly rough on the vocals had an interesting mix of music. Fans liked the cool guitar rhythms as they banged their heads to the hard psychedelic rock sound. This band was totally rockin' the Double Door stage until the very end. They even gave the audience a brief taste of Keith Moon (of The Who) antics when the drummer kicked over his drum kit. For more information, visit them at or contact them at
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