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21 Nov 09

Well, blogspotters, it has been one rockin' week for this reviewer. Four non-stop nights of jamming with local bands came to an end at Reggie's Rock Club. This hot spot on the southside for local music featured Wonderland Honey, Parts Per Million and Crazy 88's for the 17 plus crowd. SouthSide was ready to jam again with her friends, Nothing Forgotten. She reviewed this band during the summer when they rocked the Metro stage.

Tonight was almost like witnessing the evolution of this local band. Though the band seemed to be energized as they rocked the stage, SouthSide felt there was something missing. Compared to Nothing's show back in August, this reviewer could feel that energry between the band and its fans and vice versa. However at Reggie's, while the band took their music to a whole new level, in her honest opinion, the audience wasn't really feeling it. Whatever the reason that may be, blogspot readers, SouthSide still recommends checking out Nothing Forgotten at their next performance.

This hardcore/metal band wowed its fans with their guitar riffs and unconventional approach to the metal rock sound. For example, listen to SouthSide's favorite song, Metaphysical Girl. This was Nothing's approach to a ballad without really sounding like a love song. It combined sexiness and charm (from Jameel - the band's front man) and metal rock. There was too much hardcore guitar riffs for anyone to take it seriously as a ballad yet those soft moments does allow it to have that tenderness shine through. Another prime example would be Seeds of a Rose in which a few lucky ladies in the audience were privvied to a single red rose. Very touching indeed yet this local band's known truly for its rockin' metal sound.

Besides a little tenderness, blogspot readers, SouthSide enjoyed the head bangin' rock the most. You can hear the angst and frustration in the lyrics without having to resort to high pitch screaming. The audience merely felt each ounce of pain dripping from Jameel's voice. Also you heard that same emotion off the guitars. Their songs, Thieves and Indegenious, were good examples of hearing Nothing's angst within its metal guitar music. At one point there was some hiphop/freestyle wrapped inside this sound too.

As SouthSide mentioned earlier, this band has an unconventional approach to metal rock. It's loud, hard and sometimes full of tenderness ...definitely not your typical metal band. Nothing Forgotten will certainly get you bouncing with them.

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