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19 Nov 09

Hey, blogspot readers, it was an all-star studded night of rockin' music! Yes, the Who's Who of the local scene graced the historical stage of Subterranean recently. Other local stars such as members of Chester and Along The Parallel were in attendance enjoying the night's lineup. Fans heard intense performances by Inn Cinema, Arma and Riot Inside. There was also a special appearance by the brother-sister duo known as Vulgarrity. And of course, SouthSide was there to capture all of the fantastic highlights.

The night was kicked off by the intense guitar rock sound of Inn Cinema. Not one inch of the staghe was left untouched after this set was finished. The instant this band felt that rock vibe flowing the more intense their music became. Inn Cinema not only wanted the audience to hear but experience each rip-roaring riff performed. My readers, it's the intensity which drove the band to rock hard as they usually do. SouthSide suggests listening to their song, Wake Up, to truly introduce your ears to their hardcore guitar sound. You'll certainly feel each riff pounding intense that it will get your blood pumping. 2010's looking bright for this local band. There are plans in the works for Inn Cinema to rock the Metro stage celebrating their CD release. In the meantime, visit them at

Currently on tour, this duo totally rocked the stage as if they were a 4 - 5 member rock band. Vulgarrity's performance took this reviewer on a fantastical journey of sound via psychedelic/rock. Fans were treated to epic and grand song intros as well as the intense energy felt within their songs. Even though the sound was a little distorted at times during the set, SouthSide was still able to experience such rhythms and more ...never thought imagined. It was like listening to the indie version of Rush after getting lost amongst Vulgarrity's trippy keyboard/guitar combination. There were moments when this reviewer had to stop writing and simply enjoy the music. The highlight of this performance came at the end as this duo performed an epic instrumental. Through the use of looping (so Tracy and Shawn could switch between drums and guitar during this song), the finale left SouthSide breathless ...and hungry for more. For more information, visit this duo at

This next band had everyone listening to melodic rock as well as feeling its rhythmics beats. It was psychedelic rock taken to a whole new level. Arma's music was so intense that it had SouthSide wanting to join Taylor on stage for that tribal dance. Throughout this performance, the guitar riffs were mindblowing ...hearing chords that change from one dimension to the next. For example during Arma's In The Blacklight, the crowd heard riffs which went beyond anyone's comprehension. The song had everyone embracing its dark tone as well as feeling the uncharted melodies. Crashing back to reality when the song was finished was hard but certainly worth it. SouthSide also enjoyed the debut of the band's new song. The rising crescendo off the guitars led into a fiery burst of vocals and music. Fans instantly felt jolts of energy within this song that had them banging their heads to the music. It was even intense enough to start a mini mosh pit scene near the front of the stage. Arma really rocked the SubT with their version of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. SouthSide suggest snagging their new CD this holiday season and get ready to experience psychedelic like never before. For more information, visit Arma at or

Now it was time to riot with this headlining band. Not to worry, my readers, no one was hurt or any part of the SubT destroyed. SouthSide has come to understand that most music needs fire, passion and energy in which it could cause fans to riot ...but in a good way. Riot Inside and its music did just that. SubT was packed with fans ready to rumble as well as rock after waiting anxiously (and patiently) for this band's set. Nothing couldn't contain the excitement felt in the air for Riot. By now, you're probably wondering - what makes Riot Inside so special? Besides wowing their diehard fans with lots of rock and energy, there's also sexy charisma from Gary (the band's hot front man on vocals) to excitable guitar and drum solos. This band truly packed a show within a show that had the crowd (upstairs and downstairs) screaming for more. Performing songs like TYT (Take Your Time), Satisfy, and King, SouthSide enjoyed the raw and sometimes gritty rock sound and the wicked guitar riffs. Riot's closing song, Levitate, absolutely raised the roof with a surprising guitar finish at the end. This reviewer cannot tell you what happened to that hardworking instrument because that would ruin the shock value of seeing this local band live. To experience your own riot with this popular band, SouthSide highly recommends attendint their next performance in December. For more information, visit Riot Inside at or

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