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28 Nov 09

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Hey, blogspot readers, time to work off those extra holiday pounds with Voice Of Addiction! Forget health guru Richard Simmons ...this local band will definitely get you in shape sweatin' to their punk rock sound. Recently they had The Mutiny crowd jumpin' and jivin' to the music as well as screaming for more. SouthSide does not remember the last time when she danced so hard after seeing one set.

VOA was loud and fast. They had the type of punk music which got the blood going from beginning to end. Lots of wild guitar riffs and angst to blast your ears away. There were times when this reviewer thought the riffs and percussion rhythms were off beat. Yet, she quickly learned that the mesh of confusion was what this band wanted ...sometimes. It drove them to perform wildly all over the stage and in the audience ...strumming faster and furiously. Thus it did start pockets of moshing and fan dancing near the front of the stage. Whew - it's exhausting while trying to keep up with VOA.

One interesting note Southside noticed about this band was their sound wasn't purely straight punk rock. She heard a wide variety of combinations such as reggae/ska to metal and classic guitar rock. There was also a bit of garage/grunge in their songs which kept the music energizingly fresh. Heads everywhere were banging to the fast rhythms. SouthSide suggests listening to their Empty Bottle - an excellent song to forget about your problems. She enjoyed the downtempo taken during the chorus while the lyrics were sung hurriedly as if someone was anxious or frustrated. Fans during the performance were encouraged to drink since most songs were labeled as VOA's drinking songs. Yet, this reviewer got the feeling that all the songs were drinking songs.

Besides the rockin' music, this band also provided some comedic relief and funnies between songs. While performing, VOA had their wild moments on stage that kept everyone busy at dancing or joining in the antics with them. Watch out for that final song, blogspot readers! Everyone, including the band, went out of control during System Control ..but it's all good to have a mini riot to blow off some of that mall shopping steam. This was what they're all about - letting loose and having a good time. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Voice Of Addiction at their next performance.

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