Friday, November 13, 2009

13 Nov 09

...take it off...

...give me another beer then I'll take it off... - Sister Switchblade

Whoever said Friday the 13th was bad luck didn't have the luck like SouthSide did. She rocked the night away once again at the Elbo Room to performances by Dollbody Kid and Sister Switchblade. This reviewer was saddened by the fact Liquor Boxx, though scheduled to perform, wasn't there. She was looking forward in reviewing this rowdy bunch of party animals again. Perhaps, next time, there will be a full review on them.

After opening with an orchestral crescendo off the guitars, this reviewer was immediately hooked by this band. Not only for its music but for the insanity that reigned on the stage. That's how Dollbody Kid liked to present itself to the world raging madmen of hardcore rock. The audience was literally sucked into the craziness of DBK's mind. And it's not a pretty sight, my dear readers. They felt the thunderous riffs and drum beats clashing together with some screamin' angst which made the blood curl. Seriously, SouthSide's blood did curl however with excitement after hearing the first song, The Grey I Find. She enjoyed the intense energy this band brought to the Elbo Room. Sometimes she found it hard to keep up with them because there was so much to see and hear. DBK prided itself in rhythms that were furious like a madman's hot tempered anger. It seemed that was the intention throughout this performance making the audience feel the frustrations as well as hear it in the music. For example, in DBK's song, Diamond Bullets, the subtle intro fooled this reviewer into thinking the insanity was over. Hardly that wasn't the case, readers. The slow tempo was merely the prelude into feeling the pain and anger off the lyrics. It felt like a ballad but not the type of ballad which seemed "sane". There's a definite method to this band's madness which this reviewer loved. At times, she thought their guitar riffs were a mesh of offbeat chords and riffs. Not exactly - the riffs intertwined somehow meeting in the middle just right. It's highly recommended to keep reminding yourself that "insanity is good" when seeing Dollbody Kid's next performance. Their music thrills with hardcore guitar rock that chills your blood ...yes, they are totally insane in the membrane! Also stick around for the entire set when they really release those crazed demons on stage. Hey, where did all that blood come from? For more information about Dollbody Kid, visit the madmen at

Performing songs like Run Like Hell and Lil Miss Cocaine, Sister Switchblade slashes through its hardcore rock sound with a sharp knife. There's a lot of energy in the band's guitar riff which set the stage on fire again. Sister loved bringing their sound loud and fast - this of them as an indie version of Aerosmith mixed with some AC/DC. So watch out, my readers, this local band means business when it comes to giving what the audience demands. Sister premiered two new songs, Sweet Spot and Baby Don't Stop. Both had a raw, gritty rock sound that had SouthSide's head banging to the heavy metal rhythms. Oh what dirty minds (and mouths to match) did this band have letting loose their hot sexual innuendos onto the "innocent" world. And that's merely a sample of what Sister Switchblade offered during their performance. They're simply Fast and Easy in all things about the rock sound ...leaving the audience hungry for more. They totally rocked out the Elbo Room when closing the set with a rousing AC/DC cover. This song had the audience going wild, readers! Those who really want to rock should salute this band. SouthSide highly recommends snagging a copy of their current EP, A Dirty Mind & A Mouth To Match, as a holiday stocking stuffer. Also request their song, Eye On You, now heard on Q101. For more information about this band, visit Sister Switchblade at

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  1. I got them more beer and no matter how much I yelled take it off they didnt, maybe when in warms up they will


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