Thursday, April 10, 2014

One On One With Suren Unka

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has another exclusive interview just for you! Through the use of modern technology, she had a chat with New Zealander EDM artist, Suren Unka about his music from upcoming album "El Chupacabra".
SouthSide: What inspired you to name your album "El Chupacabra"? Have you ever heard of the Mexican stories about "the goat eater" before in New Zealand? Do you have such tales there?
Suren: Yes. I got the name from watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel about El Chupacabras. I was super fascinated by the tale and liked the sound of the words, "El Chupacabra". I decided I had to use it for my album tittle. This sparked a chain of naming some of my songs after interesting documentary’s Like ‘Lyuba’ ‘Weather Science’ ‘Uvula’ ‘Nanobots’ ‘Oryx’. All song tittles from my album.
SouthSide: In your opinion, does your current single "130" represent who Suren Unka is and/or what his music is about to fans?
Suren: Yes definitely. ‘130’ was the last song for me to write on my album. So it’s the current direction I’m going in. I still wanted to stick with the ‘Suren Unka’ sound from previous releases (Melodic). But add[ed] a slight dance element to the sound.
SouthSide: Using such unique rhythms and melodic beats in this particular song, could you see yourself as a visionary in the next wave of the EDM scene?
Suren: I am totally not sure. EDM is constantly changing. I can never keep up with all the EDM waves. So as a rule I decided to just make music that I would enjoy. Using sounds that suit me.
SouthSide: Will you be releasing any more singles off your upcoming album soon?
Suren: The album is coming out April 22nd. So I won’t be releasing any singles before then. But after the album is released, I’ll be releasing a music video for my song ‘Flee’ which is on the album.
SouthSide: Who would you say had some influence on your music? And if given the chance, which song (s) would you like to re-mix or collaborate with that artist/musician?
Suren: Four Tet [post-rock and electronic musician Kieran Hebden] is my hero! He has influenced me a load. I would love to remix his song ‘Sing’. Even collaborating with him, I feel I would learn so much.
SouthSide: Being a half a world away, how has modern technology contributed in your goal of reaching your new as well as current fans of your music?
Suren: The internet has been helpful especially Youtube. People from all round have been watching my music videos.
SouthSide: Do you have plans to perform live? If so, when and where can fans see you on the stage?
Suren: Yes, I perform live. I’m doing a New Zealand tour next month and thinking about touring Australia later on this year.
SouthSide: What is the local music scene like in Auckland, New Zealand? Besides Lorde, is there any other artist/musician or music genre that's making waves on the radio there?
Suren: Yeah at the moment this whole Bedroom Producer/EDM scene is at a high. There’s so much talent all round New Zealand. Some Artists to check out are Race Banyon, Kamandi, Black City Lights, Fly Nights and Team Cat Food.
SouthSide: Lastly, any last words, shameless plugs etc would you like to say about yourself and/or your music to the fans around the world?
Suren: Please check out my album ‘El Chupacabra’on April 22nd! Give me a like on Facebook to keep updated:
SouthSide would like to thank Suren Unka for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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