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01 Apr 14 - New Music review

Hey, blogspot readers, shake off the cold and snow ...spring has sprung! And so has new music arriving on Southside's desk lately. She highly recommends checking out the latest releases coming soon by The Amatory Murder and William Control...

Exploiting Our Dreams
The Amatory Murder

 This is what happens when you dreams, blogspot readers, turn into nightmares in reality. Within the minds of The Amatory Murder, it's truly a dark and scary place to dwell. SouthSide highly recommends snagging a copy of this goth-rock band's EP "Exploiting Our Dreams". It was an intense experience nothing she ever had before. She felt like an unwilling participant inside(frontman/songwriter) Christian "Xian Amatory" Peppas'  living dreams as his vocals brought his pain and emotions to life in songs likes Need and Perverted Views. Yet for such dark lyrics and musical influences heard (i.e. Depeche Mode, NIN), TAM didn't produce an overwrought or dreary sound. Each song on this 10-track CD boasts danceable rhythms ...melodic floetry full of synthesized beats wrapped around the guitars but giving the ears a club/dance atmosphere especially when listening to the featured remixes like Eleanor, the James Francis "Panic Lift" mix (track 8). Plus the album also features the Police cover King of Pain to which this reviewer enjoyed the slight upbeat tempo and creepy scream vocals before the last reprise of the chorus. Ever want to live and experience the darkside of dreamland, look no further to The Amatory Murder's "Exploiting Our Dreams", blogspot readers.

The Neuromancer
William Control

"...the road to hell is paved with good intentions..."

William Control is back, blogspot readers, and this time he wants you to fall to your knees ...adore him ...worship him fall in love with him forever. Yet, SouthSide is not talking about the type of love you might find or read in those silly romance novels where it's all flowery and pretty prose. If you're expecting that from William, this is definitely the wrong CD for you. If you're not, then she highly recommends snagging a copy of William Control's "The Neuromancer". His type of love deals with finding pleasure in pain and sorrow that goes beyond the deep cuts of a razor's edge, blogspot readers. Intrigued? Should be because this isn't that Fifty Shades of whatever William is singing about. It's real's pleasurable submitting to that sadist's touch of a whip or lash. And through "The Neuromancer", you shall learn what type of lover William is while experiencing it with each song ultimately learning something more about yourself in the end ...that's if you dare listen. SouthSide felt her submissive side poking through during track 2 - Adore (Fall In Love Forever) but truly had waves of deliciousness shivering during track 6 - The Filth and The Fetish. She liked the added sound effects within track 6 which really heightened her experience with William Control even deeper. Meanwhile during track 8 - Passenger, she was hopelessly drawn to the complete turnaround in which didn't feature the artist's electronic/dance sound and style. It had a subtle hint of romanticism amidst its melodic rhythms but though not really feeling it. To say this reviewer was hypnotically hooked would be an understatement. SouthSide also recommends listening to track 4 - Price We Pay, track 9 - The Blade and track 11 - Where The Angels Burn. William has a way with poetic prose when it comes to professing his undying love, blogspot readers. William Control will be performing in Chicago o April 13 along with Combichrist and New Year's Day at Bottom Lounge.

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