Monday, April 7, 2014

04 Apr 14 - David Guetta

Summertime EDM scene and fun arrived months ahead of schedule, blogspot readers!

For one night only, the grand splendor of the ballroom inside The Aragon was turned into a dazzling spectacle of glittering glow for David Guetta’s live performance. And a spectacle of fashionably dressed fans of this music scene – from looking like they had just stepped out at Enclave or spent time under the hot sun at North Avenue beach. Despite the non-spring temps and fierce winds blowing from the lake, fans came out in droves packing the main floor to party amidst this featured artist’s fusion of electro and hip hop/house rhythms.

However before anyone could party all night long, this reviewer along with many others had to pass through stringent security precautions that included being patted down and waved with the metal detector wand. She does have a couple of suggestions for The Aragon management. First – if you’re going to have a line in the alley, at least have proper lighting so people don’t trip or fall over the many craters of potholes in the dark. Second – there needs to be more security personnel at the entrance way to help ease the crowd congestion so those who are leaving The Aragon won’t get pushed, shoved and/or bumped back towards the grand staircase by those entering the venue. It was utter chaos trying to get out and there was NO security to help alleviate a potentially dangerous situation especially near the overcrowded bathrooms and bar stand (why is there a bar stand located in the entrance way anyway? Management should rethink locating it there.)

Once finally upstairs, the floetry or music and electronic rhythms was already surrounding the venue as the main floor quickly filled to capacity with moving bodies jumping and dancing to the pulsating beat, blogspot readers. Many shiny happy people grooving to the intense remixed sounds ...waving hands in the air as if they were going to “catch” electronic vibe being tossed at them from the stage. Each crescendoing rise and melodic tone in long continuous music waves wrapping around them was a cause to scream for more and more. And David Guetta and other DJs gave it to them. In a nutshell, it was a beautiful time to be alive and part of this active music scene whether you were young and/or close to SouthSide’s age. Multi-generational attendees basking together amidst the lights ...which left no one disappointed because everyone was having a fun time.

Also, this allowed SouthSide to do some people watching too, blogspot readers. Besides those dressed as if they were going to Spybar or Enclave, she noticed many didn’t care that the temperatures were on the cool side to wear shorts and tank tees to the David Guetta performance. She saw a guy draped with the French flag on his shoulders dancing within the crowd ...a pack of Cougars (believe or not trying to score a couple of hot dates on the dance floor) ...a couple of whacked-out girls high (probably on “Molly”) ...plenty of faux “flower” girls (those wearing flower headbands) ...a few minors busted for drinking without an orange wristband ...”sock monkey” groupies ...a few dressed in their hottest bikini swimwear ...and that was just a few this reviewer randomly saw before leaving, blogspot readers. By midnight, the crowd had swelled passed the main floor and the scene was becoming very intense for her to handle that SouthSide had to leave earlier than expected. She does recommend checking out David Guetta and his unique fusion that’s an homage to Chicago’s house music and its founder Frankie Knuckles. For more information, visit
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