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02 Apr 14

Peter Propaganda as "Frank"
"...We have eternity to know your flesh..." ~ Pinhead

Hong Kong Danger Duo
Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's hanging out with the Cenobites tonight at this fabulous birthday bash held for two special local people. It was Creature Feature night within the underbelly of Double Door's speakeasy-esque venue, Door No. 3 in which its red lighting amidst the semi-darkness created the perfect backdrop for this event. The Cenobites from Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II were alive and rockin' the underground bar as they and other daring attendees helped celebrate Peter Proganda's and JoJo's birthday. However before joining in the fun downstairs, SouthSide was first upstairs checking out the opening act, Hong Kong Danger Duo ( for Kava's album release show. Granted it was the band's first public appearance and SouthSide did expect a few rough spots here there during their performance, blogspot readers, but this duo did put on an amazing (brief) show. She enjoyed the blues/rock sound coupled with powerfully raw vocals pumping some serious yet intense emotions into the lyrics. This reviewer liked the hard-tone off the electric was wonderfully matched by the thunderous drumming rhythms. As mentioned earlier, this was their first show however SouthSide will be reserving that special date for the next performance to give Hong Kong Danger Duo a complete review (and probably an interview with the guys) for the blog.

JoJo as "Julia"
Meanwhile downstairs was time to join the delectable pleasures of pain and suffering with Pinhead, the Female, Chatterer and Butterball of Hellraiser for the Creature Feature: Cenobites event, blogspot readers. It was quite of a festive occasion to celebrate Peter's and JoJo's birthday amongst other friends and fans while DJs S@int, Xeno, Damian Overlord and more spun their crafted selections of industrial/post-industrial music to some dazzling graphics running on the screen. Earlier, before the party really took life, Peter (dressed as Frank, make up by JoJo) did the soundtrack to Hellraiser II. This musician/DJ has a particular way of perfectly syncing his music to certain scenes of the movie to fit the tone or set the theme. It totally heightens your viewing pleasure even without the dialogue. Yet who needed the sound bites from this iconic movie especially when SouthSide has memorized most of this movie's familiar lines like "...Didn't open the box? And what was it the last time? Didn't know what the box was? And yet we keep finding each other, don't we?..." and "...It wanted souls, and I brought you. You wanted to know. Now you know. And I wanted everything. Now everyone's happy. Goodbye, Doctor..." How about this one "...No more deals, child, it is your flesh we want to experience, not your skills at bargaining..." Believe it or not, blogspot readers, by not hearing those and many other famous sound bites but the music instead, you got a better sense of the movie's dark themes of pleasure through pain, torture and suffering. And as an added bonus - JoJo dressed up as the lovely but evil Julia Cotton. *shivers* The box was on hand for anyone who had enough guts to play with it.

Who knows what the next Creature Feature event will be or where it will happen, blogspot readers, but be certain SouthSide will be there...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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