Friday, April 25, 2014

17 Apr 14

More fun for this roving adventurer about town, blogspot readers.

Tonight, she’s attending another SOLD OUT show featuring the lively group HoneyHoney currently on tour with singer/songwriter Sam Lewis and Ryan Joseph Anderson (with his band) – both from TN before heading out to Bottom Lounge for a bit of Xbox gaming and pinball with Jonathan aka Circuitry.

Though feeling his opening performance was better within an intimate setting than a mid-size venue, this reviewer recommends checking out the soulful country/blues singer-songwriter Sam Lewis. She enjoyed how this musician performed his set with a solemn yet tender acoustic style which wonderfully highlighted the emotions in his voice at the beginning until Ryan joined him for the rest of the set. Now as a duet, Sam’s music received that lively boost of rhythmic tempo and upbeat sound within the blues/country tone, blogspot readers. even though continuing to have a downtempo feel (sometimes). It was a good set yet this reviewer felt he should have jazzed it up a little instead of performing long winded ballads which at times lost most of the crowd attending this sold out show. For more information, visit

After sharing the stage with opening act Sam Lewis, Ryan Joseph Anderson and his band was ready to kick off his CD release show with a rockin’ bang that immediately livened up the atmosphere inside this venue. In no time, this singer/songwriter switched the mood and tone of the lineup from somber love ballads to lively rhythmic tempos which had many grooving to the beat, blogspot readers, though keeping the music inside a country/alternative sound. This reviewer instantly liked the energy flowing throughout the room while listening to songs like When The Bees Went Mad to which Ryan’s vocals got a little rougher and deeper on the lyrics amidst the song’s danceable groove and gritty pop sound. It was the right song to push this crowd towards a festive mood and far away from the moody doldrums felt earlier until briefly taking that same energy down a bit for acoustic riffs inside subtle crescendo rise from the band backing him in the song that followed. SouthSide liked how his incorporated a touch of gospel/organ tone to highlight his heartfelt vocal pitch before zooming back to that intense energy of country rock and more. It was a nice balance, blogspot readers, of energize momentum and acoustic ballads which allowed the crowd to hear different side of Ryan’s voice whether it was heartfelt emotions or raw falsetto while tapping their toes to his upbeat country style. Sadly, SouthSide couldn’t stay for the end of Ryan’s performance (because it was getting too crowded thus causing the room to get overheated) yet she does recommend checking out Ryan Joseph Anderson with his band as he tours with Sam Lewis and HoneyHoney. For more information, visit

There would have been a full of Geek Out/Freak Out for you, blogspot readers, however it was scheduled during Game 1 of the NHL playoffs featuring Chicago Blackhawks playing against St. Louis Blues ...the triple OT lost didn’t help generate the right crowd SouthSide’s friend Jonathan aka Circuitry was hoping for. Still she did spend some time testing out the pinball game selections featured in the upstairs Volcano Room of Bottom Lounge. Hopefully this monthly event (happening every 3rd Thursday) returns in May (SouthSide plans to review it again) with more gamers from all levels testing their skills against each other while Jonathan spins industrial to post-punk and more until 2a (or earlier). Events like this cannot survive and/or thrive without full support from fans like you, blogspot readers.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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