Monday, October 29, 2012

From the Desk of SouthSide

Hey, blogspot readers, musicians, artists, SouthSide has received some news that you might be able to use!

Elbo Room (located here in Chicago) is now booking for 2013! Check out the details below:

The ELBO ROOM  is seeking bands for January and February of 2013! E-Mail for main room inquiries. If interested in the lounge, please e-mail

Below are open dates for the remainder of 2012 for the COCKTAIL LOUNGE:
11/1 9p-12a

11/7 9p-12a

11/21 9p-12a

11/25 9p-12a

11/27 9p-12a

11/29 9p-12a

12/2 9p-12a

12/5 9p-12a

12/6 9p-12a

12/9 9p-12a

12/12 9p-12a

12/13 9p-12a

12/16 9p-12a

12/19 9p-12a

12/22 9p-12a

12/23 9p-12a

12/26 9p-12a

12/27 9p-12a

12/28 9p-12a

12/29 9p-12a

12/30 9p-12a

12/31 9p-12a

The cocktail lounge is open to acoustic acts, DJ's, album release parties, birthday parties, and any band looking to do an acoustic set.

Please contact for further information.     Until next time, support your local scene, SouthSide

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