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19 Oct 12


"'s so hard to say good-bye..."

Hey, blogspot readers, did you know that bastards aren't born but made? And local band, Sutured Psyche, was proof of that as they did their final romp (and strip) on stage tonight at Elbo Room. SouthSide knew sending this band off in style wasn't going to be easy. These Bastards (and please don't take offense of this reviewer calling them "bastards") had a Valhalla send-off in which their Bastard Nation (ie fans) would never forget. Helping Sutured with this final performance was Cheer Up Moon Cat (, The Ferber Method and Koplant No (from Iowa -  The lineup (somewhat eclectic) was just right to assist Sutured in their last hurrah as a band ...full of memories, sweaty tears and drinks as the guys aka Bastards celebrated where it mostly began two years ago.

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Though missing opener The Ferber Method, this reviewer was able to catch rest of Cheer Up Moon Cat's electrifying blues/rock performance that had her digging the hardcore yet funkified, hip-shaking sound amidst a highly intense as well as energetic vibe, blogspot readers. This was one band you shouldn't expect a pre-written set list because these guys came to jam all night long pumping exuberant amounts of rockin' guitar riffs and furious rhythms into each song performed. The set, though featuring songs like Doghouse Blues and Heavy Ready (off Moon Cat's upcoming record), also contained a pseudo ballad, Know, that amazingly showed off the heartfelt emotions of angst and pain by front man Steve within his vocals. It wasn't that you just heard the pain literally felt it while he breathed the emotions of the lyrics into the mic. During this particular song, it was definitely one for the broken hearted despite having that passion and energy off the guitars. Meanwhile in another song, Lord Rascal, SouthSide like the Stray Cat-like sound amidst a smokey blues/rock feel which totally highlighted Steve's high-pitched falsetto voice and also his flamboyantly charismatic side for the ladies. Moon Cat comes with a swingin' groove, blogspot readers, so be prepared to shake your hips to the blues rock or punk/80s pop style at their next peformance.

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On the flip side, SouthSide felt Koplant No was musically out of place for tonight's lineup. Well, honestly, it wasn't the right kind of venue to perform an eclectic-sounding neo-jazz fusion after listening to Moon Cat's set. Koplant's music, though vibrant in texture and melodic in rhythms, would have been more suited to opening other genre likeminded groups such as Chris Greene or Human Spirit rather than being before the headliner of hardcore guitar rock. Still this reviewer did enjoyo the digital wizardry (off the synths) and electronic sampling that gave this band a futuristic sound and feel to certain songs performed. She wished she had seen them under better circumstances and audience, blogspot readers, but does recommend checking out this jazz band at their next performance.

"...not yet, people, you'll see enough of me tonight..." ~ William of Sutured Psyche


How does one say "good-bye" to a bunch of Bastards especially if they're the fun rockin' (and occasionally the strippin') kind of bastards? Yes, it's true all good things must come to an end (including bands) ...nothing like ones who have made their mark as being the bastards of the local scene. No tears, blogpot readers, while sending Sutured Psyche off to great rock gig in the sky for they will be remembered for delivering one of their best performances tonight. And SouthSide was there to bid the Bastard Nation a fond farewell and good riddance to bad rubbish (just kidding, guys) as they rocked the Elbo Room dragging their fans down that road for one final time. Performing songs like Ma Gavte La Nata to Steven and Trickster (SouthSide's favorites) in their finest black and red attire, Sutured's finale contained more than just rockin' memories of beloved songs in which many of their bastardized fans sang along to but also featured guests to join the band on stage one last time as well as a couple of covers like male's point of view version of Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know (William truly displayed some powerful vocal powress on the lyrics that brought out hardcore yet emotionally sentiments in his voice while Ryan's stripping roused excitement from the audience) and Flock of Seagulls' I Ran to close out the performance. In between, there was Adrian joining William on SouthSide's favorite - Steven that added more powerful angst and emotional pain on the lyrics to which this reviewer loved the fierceness and energy coming from the guitars and vocalists combined. Then Jake joined the band on drums during Trickster (another SouthSide favorite) that really gave Sutured its rockin' momentum thus bringing the audience to life before performing Inherit The Earth and The Bridgeport Gay Man's Choir. As far as final performances go, SouthSide did note there were moment where the audience wasn't truly feeling the band's hardcore, heavy head banging sound to her is very understandable. No one wants to see their favorite band riding off to the sunset Sutured Psyche's case - in the early morning dawn. She can truly say - this band did leave a sizeable mark within the local scene and it will be hard for another to replace these original "bastards".

R.I.P. Sutured Psyche...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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