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08 Oct. 12

Photo0185A "...we might play if you gather around..." ~ Pet Peeve

Hey, blogspot readers, come gather around the fire and let's spin a few gyspy tales from the old country! Tonight, SouthSide discovered her inner gyspy persona during her trip to Wicker Park's hip rock venue, Double Door, to review Chicago's own Pet Peeve rockin' the stage. This local band featuring a lively yet spirited combination of Americana folk, Klezmer, and rock alternative invited a few friends to join them on stage - Small Houses (an indie folk band from MI) and Goldenboy (dreampop from CA). SouthSide arrived in time to catch the remaining set time of this quartet from Los Angeles, CA as they rocked the audience with melodic tones and vibrations of their upbeat rhythmic tempo coupled with vibrant sparks of guitar and dynamic vocals (by Shon and Nicole - both on guitars and keys) off the new album The New Familiar. Don't expect to easily defined this CA band's core sound, blogspot readers, because it's somewhat too intricate and complicated to box into one category. Yet, this four-member group of musicians definitely impressed SouthSide by their eclectic borrowing from other genres. Within one particular song, this reviewer enjoyed the simplistic tiny xylephone-tone sounds (by bassist Katy) while the hard hitting wails of the electric guitar riffs surrounded the venue amongst its intense sound. From there, Goldenboy brought the stage to life with a rousing clash of twitterpating guitars and pounding cymbals that ended in a huge momentus band of music despite the sound (not the band's fault, blogspot readers) being a little too loud.  Check out the podcast of their appearance on Fearless Radio ( as well as visit


Believe it or not, blogspot readers, there is a gyspy in all of us. And tonight, SouthSide so discovered that after spending a fun lively hour being lost within the haunting magic and spell of Pet Peeve. After entreating the audience to crowd around the stage, this reviewer instantly felt the hypnotizing magic of this band's gypsy-style folk/pop alternative rock to which there was no escaping from. The fierce intensity of each instrument gradually beckoned her away from the balcony until she had joined the others on the main floor ...some were locked in dance circles as if they were dancing around a bomfire while others were dancing to the seductiveness of the haunting violin rhythms. At one point, Pet Peeve charmed the audience with a spicy yet seductive passion of Latin/flamenco folk music within their gypsy sound during Maria in which one could feel the hot tempered rhythms wafting throughout the venue. Within this particular song's tempo there was fire (from the guitars and violin) and ice (from the saxophone) that created more intense steaminess inside the rhythms. It may be hard to picture in your mind from SouthSide's brief description but when feeling music like Pet's burning your soul or coursing through your veins - it does become very difficult to describe in mere words. However while observing the people dancing to each song like "Untitled" and Made In USA, she could plainly see how they were effected by the rousing spirit of this type of music. Song after song espeically after the intense fire and passion felt in the climax of the closer Tango, Pet Peeve left their fans wanting more. Lorian did oblige the fans just one more song acoustic folk/gyspy song to which still left them wanting more, blogspot readers. Who knew local Chicago music fans are also gyspies at heart too? SouthSide highly suggests discovering your inner gyspy and dance around the bomfire at the next Pet Peeve performance. For more information, visit


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