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28 Sept 12

Photo0164 ~Private Instigators

Hey, blogspot readers, she's back! Yes, after some rest and relaxation, you simply can't keep this local scene queen reviewer away from the Chicago's vibrant music beat. Plus bands begin to worry. Yet never fear, fans, SouthSide was ready party at Lakeview's rock venue where Michael Laechel and Private Instigators were set to rock out the main stage. Alas two things also occurred on this night - traffic was horrible on the way there and she got carded at the door. It's never a dull moment within this reviewer's adventures around town. And though missing majority of this singer/songwriter's opening set, she was able to catch the "dueling" guitars during the finale of his closing song. Visit his site at for more information and music as well as featured videos from Elbo Room.

This trio were locked, cocked and smokin' with both barrels ready to rock out this main stage, blogspot readers, amidst such fierce intensity of that classic rock-n-roll sound with a little modern twist to it from the guitars. To say, the Private Instigators and their set blew SouthSide away is somewhat a gross understatement even though the band produced a fury of music which had her (and everyone else) swingin' to the upbeat twitterpating guitar riffs and thundering percussion rhythms. And by the time they reached the end of their second song, Lise The Tease, Private was running hot on high octane petrol. This band literally seized the audience by its rock balls ...held onto them and didn't let go until (abruptly) after the last riff had died into oblivion. Now that was definitely a rock show, blogspot readers. Private Instigators thrilled and chilled everyone with an exhilerating touch of the past and modern wrapping it as one hot fusion of rock music that's simply in it's purest form without any sub category fillers.


The performance itself had a swingin' mixture of slow ballads, heart-racing fast songs and a couple of classic covers featuring Misfits and Billy Joel. For example, take Private's song What's A Girl Supposed To Do (dedicated to anyone who was a teenage girl), you couldn't help be swayed by that classic late 50s slow downtempo groove while feeling that upbeat modern guitar rock in the back rhythms which wonderful highlighted Keith (front man on bass) and his falsetto vocals. This reviewer couldn't help think early Beatles when they were rising up in the music scene with a Brit blues rock sound. On the other hand, an earlier song - It Happened Last Night, wasn't your average love ballad, blogspot readers, though it was in reality a love ballad. Private Instigators retained some of that sentimental feeling of being happy in love but gave it more of an lively energetic rush of emotions of when you first meet that dream guy or girl from across the room. The rush was that intense and well felt off the guitar riffs despite the vocals being seriously overshadowed by the band's music. Oh for those who shout Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama - you're definitely at the wrong show. There won't be any Lynyrd Skynyrd at a Private Instigators show but you just might hear a rockin' cover of Billy Joel's Still Rock N Roll which featured a pepped up tempo (compared to the laid-back original 80s version) and a brief homage to Chuck Berry and his famous "duck" walk during the instrumental. Or if you're lucky, you might also hear early Misfits' Astro Zombies to which Keith seductively charmed the audience with the full effect of his falsetto voice while (just for the moment) the music didn't overshadow him.


Other noteworthy songs by Private Instigators blogspot readers should check out would include Don't You Know My Love Is Free (for those who have a "birthday girl got drunk" story to tell), You're A Creep! and Wasting My Time for not only the interesting song titles but this reviewer is certain there are equally funny stories behind them. Overall, blogspot readers, this trio licensed and bonded to rock your bobby socks off will be performing again at House of Blues on November 5th. opening for - Misfits. For more information about Private Instigators, visit

Unitl next time, support your local scene,

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