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23 Oct 12 - Rah Rah

Hey, blogspot readers, the fun never stops when rockin' around town with SouthSide. Tonight, she was suppose to be reviewing the Canadian band Rah Rah at Double Door. However, she missed hit. HOWEVER, she made up for it by snagging an impromptu interview with Marshall Burns (guitarist/vocalist) of Rah Rah to discuss about their live performances to what's the local scene like in Toronto, Canada.

SouthSide: In five (5) words or less, please describe Rah Rah to my blogspot readers.
Marshall: "...having fun and playing rock-n-roll..."

SouthSide: What makes Rah Rah's live performances fun and interesting that it brings your fans back to another performance?
Marshall:  " thing we started to do kinda fun with theactrics and robot cats ...big balloons that spell out our name ...confetti cannons [which was apparently used during their Double Door performance] and sometimes a candy-filled pinatas ...[We] sort of rotate through the fun to create a party atmosphere and try not to take ourselves seriously ...the songs are somewhat serious ...after waiting all day to play for 30 [or 45] minutes, we must maket the most of it..."

SouthSide: In Toronto, Canada, what's the local scene like? And is there fairly good amount of fan as well as other band/artist support?
Marshall: "...[It's] very supportive in the arts where we're from ...Toronto is like the size of Montana with small towns around it ...there's bands and clubs ...people are very supportive.."

SouthSide: What genre of music is quite big or happening in Toronto these days?
Marshall: "...there's a lot of punk, metal, indie ... a little bit of everyting ...[SouthSide asked if he saw an American influence on Canadian music music at this point] ...yes, there's some American influence in Canadian music ...I like city of Chicago and the band Wilco..."

SouthSide: Is it easier for an indie Canadian band to get their music heard on radio?
Marshall: "...yes, because we have Canada-only as well as college radio which makes it easier for bands like Rah Rah to get heard compared to probably here in United States..."

[At this point, SouthSide did ask Marshall if there was some way they could take back Justin Bieber. Marshall said he feels for us.]

SouthSide: In your travels thus far, what is your impression of the American indie/local music scene?
Marshall:  "...our New York shows went really well ...feel encouraged by the good responses ...we're going to tour the Midwest before going home for shows in Canada then hitting LA [by the end of November at Bootleg Bar]..."

SouthSide: Which selection of Rah Rah songs should my blospot readers particularly listen to first?
Marshall: "...the new record [The Poet's Dead] because it's fancy and new ...we're proud of it's the first one we put a lot more time [and effort] and it shows ...there are three [3] other albums out there but start with the new one and work your way back through the previous ones..."

SouthSide: Do you have a wild and/or funny road trip story about your tour thus far?
Marshall: [He didn't remember one but said the other members of the band probably have one] "...Steve Earle [singer/songwriter, actor, producer] walked by me in New York ...didn't meet him..."

SouthSide: If given the opportunity, which artist/band (indie/mainstream living or dead) would like to collaborate with? And why? Which song would you work on together?
Marshall: "...Bob Dylan because he's the best songwriter I've heard ...wouldn't want to touch any of his songs but would like to get a couple of tips from him..."

SouthSide: Any last words or final thoughts about Rah Rah and its music that you would like to tell my blospot readers?
Marshall: "...the new record came out today ...hope people check it out..."

And off that new record, SouthSide recommends listening to Prairie Girl and Art and A Wife as well as visit their YouTube page to see the funny little 1:30  video called My Guarantee featuring fun with paper robots and birds.

Heads up, blogspot readers in Seattle, WA, Rah Rah will be performing on Tuesday Oct 30th at High Dive along with James Coate and Jess Grant Conspiracy. For more information, visit Rah Rah at or on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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