Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CD Review

Hey, blogspot readers, the summer tunes keep playing on SouthSide's stereo system. For acoustic blues/rock/alternative fans, she highly suggests giving Dara's 9-track CD a good listen while for those who love the fast lane of electric guitar rock, she suggests sinking your teeth into the 3-track CD by Red Mercury Sky.


Wow, what a soul-searching you're going to have with this particular CD, blogspot readers. This album will give you the sense that each of us in life embark on a lifelong mission in finding the undeniable truth but only to discover we're not perfect. Yet it's our imperfections is what makes and defines us as a person and who we are in this crazy world. Singer/songwriter Dara (who does all of the vocals and guitars for this CD) wonderfully conveys such a notion throughout each song reaching different stages of life. Through the use of his soulfully dynamic vocal falsetto range to heartfelt expressiveness in his voice as well as the tone, mood and different music genres cleverly meshed together, Dara offers little slices of life while taking your ears on that journey to search for the truth about yourself (via his lyrics) which at times can be somber as a sad ballad or upbeat and inspirational. For example, take a listen to track 2 - Hold Of My Soul in which this particular song was a little reminiscent of Johnny Cash's Walk The Line yet with a more tempered acoustic/alternative rock sound ...enough to highlight the dynamic tone and emotions in the vocals. This truly had SouthSide's attention but in the last place you would think - her soul. The words demonstrated how humanity when at our weakest is when we are great - it was moving from beginning to end. Check out track 5 - Heard The News where it was dark and somber amidst the lyrical imagery while listening to the emotions pouring from Dara's voice to paint a not so pretty picture about life. His words were absolutely realistic, blogspot readers, to say we rarely have that "they lived happily ever after" ending in life. Definitely check out the lively, upbeat feel of Judgement Day (track 6) where you get to feel as well as hear the vibrant blast of blues rock ...even this artist's voice clearly projectes that same excited momentum meanwhile in track 8 - No Coming Back, you can truly tell that he means it this time ...if you leave, there's no coming back though he's willing to be there when you fall ...but in track 1 - Guilt, you will be moved by the heartfelt emotions though surrounded in somber tone with a slightly upbeat guitar riff tempo. Ending with an uplifting inspirational song (track 9 - Alright) in which Dara reminds us after all of the trials and tribulations in our lives, there's always the notion things will be alright. And that's our saving grace and hope as human beings while surviving in this crazy world.

Red Mercury Sky

What do you get when you combine the best of two former local bands - Heavy The Fall (Dan Graunke on vocals/guitar and Erik Kikke on guitar and The Branded (Jay Mishur on drums and M-Shen on bass)? Well, blogspot readers, you have the sound of hardcore electric guitar rock with some melodic vocals and hip-shaking grooviness. SouthSide highly suggests cranking up the volume while listening to this 3-track CD to feel the electric vibe flowing off each song (especially the last track - Mad Love ...the "wham bam thank you fast and furious ma'am" type of  guitar rock here). This reviewer was thoroughly impressed by the tiny sample of this band's rock sound ...and don't even try to categorize it either since the music itself has its own little mood swings. The songs project 3 different sides to love (or however you want to preceive the lyrics) that is met with dynamic falsetto and emotions in the vocals, intense energy and momentum (especially at the instrumental bridges) to immerse you deeply into their soundwaves, and the electric flow coupled with the thundering percussions - SouthSide couldn't get enough of it. Yet all the while - these songs have a groovy melodic tone and tempo for that hip shaking vibe. After diving into track 1 - Blood On My Hearts, get ready to feel that emotional dynamicness of Dan's voice during Save Me (a love that needs rescuing) where the electric is a little low key, but not to worry, blogspot readers, the band does crank out the guitar rock at the chorus before quickly moving into track 3 - Mad Love (love on the fast run) - this particular will leave you feeling breathless due to its electric rush woven throughout the melody. Definitely crank this song up on the highest volume setting you have to fully enjoy every heart-pounding sound. If you want to see this band live and up close, then head to Ultra Lounge on August 10th where they will be sharing the stage with Mindsight and Sunset Empire. The show is 21+ and $8.

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