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01 Aug 12

"...that song was about a broken G-string..."

Hey, blogspot readers, it's time "give me Thor!" If it's a Wednesday, then it's time for the weekly local music showcase hosted by Matthew Alfano (of Mason's Case) at Lakeview's Elbo Room. However tonight, SouthSide enjoyed the entertainingly delightful set of singer/songwriter performance by new friend Josh Damigo (from San Diego). Recently sharing a tour with her other friend, Matt Ryd, before heading back to California, this artist entertained the audience with funny tales and Disney movie theme songs at the upstairs lounge.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out this singer/songwriter at his next live performance which wasn't so ordinary or a typical acoustic act, blogspot readers. This reviewer got the distinct feeling he likes to keep his audience on their toes. And by doing just that, there were little surprises around every corner with this singer/songwriter. At one point, he improvised a song while Matt Ryd (acting as his roadie) re-strung his guitar - more about that one in a minute. With his heartfelt emotions inside the dynamic vocals amidst a unique acoustic sound that featured a loop to add his own voice and/or music as backing, SouthSide enjoyed the energy and spirit to which this singer/songwriter had wrapped around his songs. Even while emitting some heartfelt tenderness, Josh and his voice made you feel not just the music but every word spoken. For example, he took a popular Jim Croce ballad (I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song) sort of flipped it to make the song feel more personal and sentimental within his vocal style adding the right amount of emotions that he almost made SouthSide cry. And to sing part of the song without a mic - now that was impressive to this reviewer. Just to hear his natural tone emitting the purest emotions loud and clear in a downtempo rhythm ...well don't know how the audience felt but to her - it was truly amazing. One small note, Josh had a rare chance to perform with AJ Croce at a show. 

After that tender moment, Josh did lighten up the mood with his Otis Redding's (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay sounding song to which will definitely lift you out of your doldrums due to the wit and humor in the lyrics. Another fun moment was when he performed Pocket Change but not as song but in a poetic spoken word style with the audience clapping and Matt using a speaker box for percussion rhythms - all this while he was trying to string his guitar. Now, add a couple of improvisational voice beatbox tones to a loop machine and watch this song take off into a new direction. Yet, also SouthSide enjoyed his vivid imagery during the song LA Is Not My Home to where he clearly conveyed and described life there off his lyrics before rousing the audience with another demonstration of his vocal powress as heard in the song, Saves The Day. Now Josh concluded his performance with song requests from fans like Slow Going and Cougar (yes, a song about older women with their cubs) in which both featured intense guitar playing as well as a spectacular demonstration of his dynamic vocals. Then out of the blue, Josh started singing a couple of bars of Disney's Little Mermaid, Part Of Your World, blogspot readers, that not only surprised this reviewer (since Elbo Room wouldn't be a typical place to hear Disney tunes) but also quite unique to hear this iconic song from a male point of view. He even did a few bars of Kiss The Girl too before standing on a barstool to powerfully close out his show.

Josh Damigo, blogspot readers - an artist not afraid to sing Disney songs at a venue! For more information about him and his music, visit

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