Friday, August 31, 2012

24 Aug 12 part 2

***Warning: some material mentioned may be offensive to certain readers***

"...we have to pray to Krom first..." ~ Your Little Ponies
Besides attending the premieres of Cafe Kremlin and Lucid Ground video, SouthSide was also at Elbo Room for a reunion show featuring Chicago's rudest, crudest and bearded ponies she has ever met in the local scene. That's right, blogspot readers, Your Little Ponies returned to the stage for a special one-night only performance at the Elbo Room's main lounge. But before their sexually perverted show began, 24th Star Project was rockin' hard in front of the audience. This eclectic band was comprised of members from other prominent local bands such as Chris Shen on bass from Red Mercury Sky, Ian on guitar from Polarizer, Rick on vocals of Legendary Liars and David Suycott on drums as well as Elbo Room regular Tony on guitar. Together, they created music full of spirited tempos and energy mixed inside a hip psychedelic sound and contrary to what Tony told SouthSide, this reviewer enjoyed what she heard especially during their dark guitar rock version of Depeche Mode's Halo. Blogspot readers can expect a full review on this band at their next performance.

They're rude, crude with the world's filthiest mouths to rock the mic around town. And if you're the purest virgin prude to ever walk on this planet, then SouthSide warns you to stay away or you might be having a piece of Chocolate Cake or Vagina Sandwich. However, it's all good fun about the content Your Little Ponies sing about, blogspot readers. Let's face it ...we're all adults here and like sex so no one should be embarrassed when the guys touch on subjects like having a threesome and stuffing things up your vagina to being the most awesome fuckin' dude in the world or a MILF with dirty secrets.  Welcome to the world of these local Ponies. No subject is held back as seen Friday night while performing in front a pack crowd of long time as well as new fans. There was excitement in the air among many because it has been over twelve months since their last reunion show and when they get together, strange things were bound to happen. This year it was having minor technical difficulties throughout the set. But that didn't stop them from rockin' out the fans with their favorite Ponies song. SouthSide's favorite is the Dude Song - it has how first met this raunchy group over five years ago during their Silvies' CD release show. Opening with a little prehistoric lesson about Pangea (complete with primal animalistic catcalls), YLP had fun giving the crowd what they came for - lewd sexually suggested lyrics,  pop/alternative music, energy and as always fun times trippin' down memory lane song after song. Watching the faces of some within the crowd, you could easily tell between a seasoned fan or a newbie whenever the Ponies hit that button (some were blushing bright red in the cheeks) while singing and dancing along with the band. The crowd totally came to life during the Dude song (especially with the many F-bombs being dropped left and right) and Two Fingers (yes, they did go there about mastrubation and more). The Ponies also entertained the crowd with a little ditty about things buried in the backyard ...and trust SouthSide, you don't want to know what's buried in there. If you're looking some (sexual) fun with your clothes on, blogspot readers, this reviewer highly suggests checking out the music by her friend, Your Little Ponies. Visit them at

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