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30 Jul 12

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Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the local scene on a rare Monday night appearance at Schuba's. Here, along with many others crowding the venue in the back of the pub, she's jammin' to the funky Americana rock groove of The Shams Band tonight as they concluded their month long residency at this Lakeview venue. Also helping them close out the final Monday night there was Young Hines and Archie Powell and the Exports featuring Mr. Gac.

After good friend, August Forte (of Novo Arts, Inc) introduces the band, this quintet of musicians immediately got down to the task of rockin' out the packed house featuring songs off their current album - Cold City. In a flash, this band impressed this reviewer with a gritty sound of thundering hardcore Southern rock that was accompanied by heat on the lyrics within a 3 (and sometimes a 4) part vocal harmonization especially during the opening number. The Shams were totally bringing out the emotional angst and frustration before surprising the reviewer's ears with a jump in chord change that livened up the mood and tempo in the end. With an opening like that, blogspot readers, SouthSide knew this wasn't the band she first met couple of years during the Taste of Chicago. The Shams Band's music and core rock sound was a little sharper ...had more bite and steam added to the guitar rock genre within their Americana/alterntive  (especially when there are four guitars occupying the stage on any given song) and the vocals - well, they popped time after time with precise harmonization that you heard each person's part.

This band had the crowd kicking up their heels to the hillbilly/rock vibe even while in a downtempo rhythm but still having some two-step groove to sway to the rhythmic beat. For example, check out Shams' Truck Whiskey which had that Grand Ol Opry country feel within this particular tune that had many in the crowd dancing and twirling around to the lively, hot tempered music. Though no one tossed any whiskey bottles, the music sparked a few cheers and catcalls whenever the word "whiskey" was mentioned. Or try your hand at City Slicker for it's toe-tappin' groove amidst the band's Americana/folk with a spicy dash of rockabilly (and some bluegrass too) woven throughout the tempo and the organic sounds of the tambourine livening up the rhythms. Then there was another particular song to which exploded with bursts of energetic momentum now that all four guitars were visibily rockin' the stage as well as amongst the crowd who were loving the mentions of Chicago tucked in the lyrics. A few fine examples of the way this local band kept their fans, family and friends delightfrully entertained with the music's exuberant energy and life. But what held SouthSide's interest the most was the 4-part vocal harmonies.

She was mostly impressed on how song after song the guys, Donnie, Paul, Brian and Ben, tickled the ears with such falsetto harmonies popping the words to life. They made the songs have that lively spirit needed to match the same felt as well as heard in the music but then again - this reviewer enjoyed the acapella touch to certain songs to truly soak the ears deep within the harmonies, blogspot readers, like they did near the conclusion of Truck Whiskey. There were two particular songs in which during one the guys jammed to the vocal harmonies amidst hot twitterpating guitar riffs while in the other took it slow amidst the bluegrass feel and sound though retaining that fun tempo for people to dance.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out The Shams Band at their next live performance and get ready to rock your shoes off from an eclectic mix of music genre but also be mesmerized by the vocal harmonies sweetly singing the tunes..

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Until next time, support your local scene,

*and he does

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