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04 Aug 12

Hey, blogspot readers, Lolla may be the biggest music event and news happening this weekend. HOWEVER, it was the afterparties as well as the many local shows rockin' the smaller venues/clubs that were getting spotlighted attention from this busy reviewer. Case in point, SouthSide opted to party with her #1 fan, Joe, at Martyrs' (located in the Northcenter neighborhood area) to review Goodnight Criminals which also featured performances by opener Argo Navis and headliner Veritae. Tonight's central theme was all about experimental, mind blowing trips into the electronica/rock music accompanied to random projected images on the screen to enhance your show enjoyment.

Argo Navis 1 - Argo Navis

This reviewer highly suggests blogspot readers rockin' to the tripped out instrumental megatronica rock fusion of Argo Navis at their next live performance. And she truly suggests you seeing this band live for the full and power effect this band and its music will give you. Think of these local guys as a young Pink Floyd when it was all about the instrumental/experimental electronic fusion of rock amidst rhythmic floetry of each guitar, percussion and digital wizardry felt and heard. Argo literally exploded with vibrant blasts of soundwaves upon soundwaves that sometimes came with riff or digital changes to take you further as well as deeper inside the music. Joe said afte a few songs that their music was atmospheric to which this reviewer agreed with him because if there were lyrics, the experience wouldn't have been mind blowing one bit. For example, after the heartpounding intro of one particular song, Argo presented a sort of a calming lull (while scenes of clouds floating by on the screen) in between energetic bursts of momentum and organ rhythms ...there were a few melodic tones here and there but just enough to make you feel that vibrant sound flowing around you. It was intense experience by this quintet of musicians never to be forgotten. For more information about Argo Navis, visit the band at

Goodnight Criminals 1 - Goodnight Criminals

It would be criminal if you didn't check out SouthSide's newest friends, Goodnight Criminals, at their next live performance, blogspot readers. Though a step up the notch on the electronica/experimental rock fusion ladder, this local band thoroughly captured the essence and sound of the dark moody themes yet adding some light and texture that you don't go emo. It's more like a club mixture and experimental rock which at times the music does have that danceable groove to the electronica rhythms or you might hear some heartfelt emotions being brought to life off the lyrics. You could say they're almost a millennial version to New Order if you really want a comparison. And just like the previous band, Goodnight Criminals enhanced the audience's show enjoyment with their random images projected on screen that also included scenes of last year's Snow-maggedon. After opening with SouthSide's favorite song - Pretenders (track4 off current EP release - Liars, Thieves and Pretenders), this band rocked the stage with a mix of paced of upbeat as well as downtempo songs from the EP like We Fall Down (which uses scenes from the Michael Douglas movie - Fall Down) where you can feel the electronica melody flowing more in a live setting than off the CD. Still, this reviewer was impressed by the band's energy presented throughout each song to the guitar riffs that offered a razor-sharp edge to a couple of songs and the dynamic falsetto vocals - not usually heard in a genre like this. Also there were moments when the music had piano-driven feel to the song thus adding more melodic tone to Goodnight's electronic sound or when the music did get dark and moody yet retaining a lighthearted vibe for you dance to. Besides the images shown, the lighting sequence for their set also helped enhanced the atmosphere setting the right mood and vibe for their audience. For more information about this band, visit GoodnightCriminals at

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