Wednesday, July 27, 2011

25 Jul 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' around town on a Monday night at Lakeview's popular venue for local music. At Elbo Room, she's groovin' to the cool island breeze reggae/ska sounds with an eclectic twist by Jameson & the Sordid Seeds (MT). What made this band's reggae different from what this reviewer has seen and heard? They added an element of guitar rock riff within the core vibe of the reggae/ska music thus giving it an edgier sound at certain moments inside each song. Plus that same edgier sound gave Jameson's upbeat reggae tempo more definition as well as melodic rock riffs off the dirty electric chords.

This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed groovin' to the danceable beats amidst the vibrant sound especially when the rock elements were tossed in the mix. It certainly took Jameson's sound and vibe to another level of enjoyment. For example, listen to Brotherman which rocked down the stage with its intense dirty chords within the ska sound. Yet there was also a funky reggae side to this Montana band too. Check out Jameson's homage to the godfather of soul, James Brown. Also this band featured dynamic but deep falsetto vocals by front man Brent and the way he vividly popped the words inside the lyrics. At times he wowed the ears with a powerful display of an emotionally charged voice especially heard in Brother Man. Even while the band played in a downtempo ska groove, his vocals were allowed to take the spotlight totally melting the microphone with emotionally charged falsettos as heard in I Got Soul (What Ya Got West Coast) and closer, Suicide Mission.

SouthSide highly suggests catching this reggae/ska-rock soundwave by Jameson and the Sordid Seeds while they're currently on tour, blogspot readers. Though remotely far from the nearest Caribbean island, this band has vividly captured the lively upbeat reggae/ska sound with an added spice of rock. Visit or for more information and music.

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