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22 Jul 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's in shape to handle one busy HOT night of music around town. And this has never been attempted before. She's going for the record - covering not two but three shows! Her first stop of the evening will take her to a free music concert at Horner Park (located Montrose and California) before dashing away for one love, peace and harmony at The Hideout then ending the night at Elbo Room for some raunchy music and stormy fun. Busy night indeed ...however will she be able to do all three shows? Read on and find out...

It was a beautiful evening to partake good company and rockin' music in the park, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly suggests spending your summer nights under the starry glow of the Summer Concert Series 2011 sponsored by the Horner Park Advisory Council. Through the months of June, July and August, these all-ages shows at Ravenswood Manor and Horner Parks have introduced neighborhood residents to a variety of local music for nearly 20yrs. For example, tonight's lineup featured melodic guitar rock by The Second and vibrant Brit pop/rock by The Bright White. In August, the series moves back to Ravenswood Manor Park on Sundays featuring more music by Bossa Tres and Midwest Young Artists. For more information, visit

"...we just want to say 'hi' to the dancing baby..." ~ The Second

Open with a rockin' yet lively tempo to put the audience in the mood for melodic music, The Second ( popped with a refreshing cool sound and wowed the ears with sincerity heard in front man's (Barry) vocals. This band had the park groovin' to the tune of its three guitars providing danceable rhtyhms under melodies that had vibrant energy and high momentum even while in a downtempo pace as heard within their third song or during Golden. SouthSide felt the dynamic falsetto range off the lyrics especially during We Can Be Warm in which he vividly brought the poetic words to life. Or when he was being expressive with his emotions were meant to feel the words dripping from his mouth not just hear them. Also recommended for listening Effort for April and The Curtain Fall (off The Second's upcoming 1st album).

Meanwhile, SouthSide was only able to stay for a couple of songs by her friends, The Bright White before having to head for the show at The Hideout. However, from the little she heard (despite some sound difficulties), the park concertgoers were in for a special treat. This band's known for its homage to Brit pop/rock but with more of modern American twist featuring lively rhythms and dynamically powerful vocals by front man, Matthew, who brought the heartfelt lyrics to life. Only hearing one of her favorite songs, Refugees, SouthSide also suggests listening to We Are More Than Animals and Upon The Wall off Bright's Until Then album. This reviewer will have a chance to fully review this rockin' band again in September. More details as they come, blogspot readers, but in the meantime visit for more music and information.

"...this is a stick up ...we're holding this stage hostage..."

It's SouthSide's famous 3 1/2 mile (give or take) mad dash across town to North River Industrial Park where The Hideout is located. There, the party was already in full swing with DJRC spinning hot yet soulfully funky classics and new funk/soul sounds to put the entire venue in the mood for tonight's hot lineup featuring good friends, Akasha, and JT & the Clouds. This reviewer, sadly, wasn't able to stick around for JT's headlining set however she might be able to catch his Northcenter performance happening next month.

It was an extra special Akasha performance, blogspot readers, at The Hideout. Tonight, this local reggae/ska band paid tribute to the life and work of Gregory Issacs (July 1951 - October 2010) during their The Cool Ruler Overture mixtape release set. Throughout this one of a kind show, many instantly felt the rollin' waves of the ocean from Akasha's lively yet funky sound that drifted endlessly thoughout the venue. With its lively tempo and Cosmos' expressiveness (bodily and vocally) on lyrics, you could definitely sense the seeds of a spiritual revolution being planted tonight. Akasha's songs and music, though inspiring a dance revolution near the front of the stage, instilled the basic message of life to the crowd - love, peace, harmony, and freedom. This show also featured their cover versions of Issacs' songs like Material Man and Rumours (off the bew Overture album) as well as fan favorites like Hammer (the perfect time to observe Cosmos being at his expressive best as he imitates hammering motion while singing) and Warm My Bones (one of many instances in which he's lyrically expressive wowing the crowd with a dynamic vocal display. Without breaking the constant flow of their reggae/ska momentum, time seemed to fly by fast when you're too busy dancing and enjoying Akasha's melodic vibe and rhythmic island beat. This band certainly kept every mind, body and soul occupied with happy thoughts and inspiration especially during the closing song, Save Your Grace - "...there's truth in all..." Visit for when this band and its revolutionizing reggae sound will be rockin' a venue again. Also head to the Double Door starting this Sunday (July 31) for Simmer Down Sundays featuring Akasha. It's a FREE show however 21+ only.

Well, blogspot readers, SouthSide was victorious! After leaving The Hideout, it was another mad dash across town to Lakeview for her final stop of the night. Elbo Room was already rockin' upstairs with A Thousand Julys' ( performance meanwhile downstairs SouthSide's good friends, Your Little Ponies ( were re-united for a special acoustic set. Despite missing most of their performance, she did get there in time to hear the closing song but she's probably certain they entertained the crowd with favorites such as Dude, Chocolate Cake, One Finger and Pangea. Oops, SouthSide forgot to warn you - if you haven't seen or heard YLP's live performances or music, then you might need some earplugs ...especially young kids. This band tends to lean heavily on the sexually explicit side of rock within their lyrics which could make any virgin and religious person blush in both places. Also adding her own spin to the late night raunchy theme of the night was headliner Leigh Evin McCullough & the Low Down ( who claimed she slept each member of the YLP to get the show. She's only kidding, blogspot readers. She rocked out the basement lounge with her fan favorite, Masturbating as well as Forget About It and Fire on a Rope plus premiering new song - Grace.

Wow, what a night...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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