Wednesday, July 6, 2011

03 Jul 11

They rocked the stage so night, blogspot readers, SouthSide got the chance to see them twice! Tonight's extra special On The Town review took place at Memories bar (located in the Portage Park neighborhood) to rock with her English friends, Capelle - Sam (Aussie front man/guitar), Nic (and his smile on vocals/rhythm guitar), Eddie (and his curly hair on bass) and Matteo (the cute Italian on drums), one last time before they head east to conclude their US tour. This show sponsored by MP Shows also featured other performances by Kudu Fang and The Hollywood Nightmares before Capelle rocked out the lineup as headliner. SouthSide recommends checking out the eclectically unusual (which is always a good thing with SouthSide) featuring some ballet positions amidst the vibrant sounds of electro/pop rock (and some lyrical verse/rap) by the duo known as Bullied by Strings. She enjoyed the unique blend of sounds (part of which were digitalized playback) and rhythms as well as the fiery stage vocals and antics by Bullied's female vocalist, Kristen, who truly steamed up the stage with her sultry moves especially during their Mid-Eastern influenced instrumental song. Visit Bullied By Strings at or on Facebook for when and where this duo's rockin' the stage again.

Ah the perils of traveling on the road, blogspot readers, but with some help of another musician's amp, Capelle was able to rock out their final Chicago show in style. After seeing them twenty-four hours prior (the first band to actually to get back to back reviews), this reviewer faced the difficult task of choosing which performance she liked best - Elbo Room or Memories. Overall, both show were equally great yet she was able to enjoy their Memories' set more because of already knowing what to expect from the band. However, the guys did do a slight set list change in hopes of fooling SouthSide in which they closed with the song, Give It All Away instead of Louder and encore like they did at Elbo Room. The Memories audience, like the Elbo Room audience, were taken on an incredible journey towards Capelle's electro/dance side after literally wowing them with their energetically vibrant rock side. Even the Memories sound guy (who could be Iggy Pop's long lost twin, blogspot readers) was digging the rockin' UK sound. This reviewer had a chance to dance along to her favorite song, Midnight, as well as Jux, So Lonely, and Louder (which seems to get the most response from both Elbo Room and Memories audiences) before closing with Give It All Away. If you missed their Chicago debut, not to worry - Capelle promises to return next year but east coast blogspot readers, killjoys and lil Gaga monsters, these English rockers are poised and ready to invade your shores before returning across the pond for home. Visit or for their tour schedule.

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