Monday, July 11, 2011

08 Jul 11

It's day three, blogspot readers, and SouthSide's spending part of her Friday night on the off-beaten track for live music. Tonight, she was at The Hideout to see and hear local rockers Roommate seriously perform for a rather mature adult audience. Though not her usual norm of rock or audience, SouthSide highly suggests checking out this band at their next performance happening July 28 at Quenchers.

Featuring a "serious" yet mature tone to their rock/alternative genre, SouthSide had a difficult time entering the complicated music world of Roommate despite performing a lively rhyhmic beat in which she enjoyed. The seriousness of the music was perfectly paired with front man Kent (also on synths and electronic) and his dynamic vocal style. Within his vocals, one could vividly hear the heartfelt emotions behind some of the sentimental meaning (or personal life satire) intricately woven into the lyrics thus making them feel and sound believeable to the ears. He had a unique way of immersing the audience deeper into the experiences or painted imagery he was singing about while passionately voicing such lyrics like "...Jesus save the Jesus freaks..." or "...can't understand why kittens purr/why people cry/no one understands why..."

Yet, it wasn't so "serious" as one would have thought the entire Roommate show to be, blogspot readers. There were a few moments during this opening set in which the band rocked the stage with pockets of "super fun" energetic momentum and melodies despite keeping the lyrics on a tad serious side. However there were also moments when the music (especially on Luther's or Kent's end) overpowered as well as overshadowed the entire band ...not just Kent's vocals due to bad feedback off the monitors. But, the music in its strange way did get the audience to think and care for the hidden, metaphoric double meaning than dancing to the beat while flooding the ears with flowing tones and twinkling sounds.

SouthSide personally couldn't handle the seriousness felt from Roommate's music and lyrics on such a good night to party however she knows there are fans who would enjoy the "mature" older adult rock content. Visit or for more information and music.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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