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16 Jul 11

"...we're just bastards..." ~ Dashing Assassins

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another HOT weekend around town. With so many festivals and event rockin' the scene, SouthSide took a break from the heat inside Double Door to rock out with Hail The Black Dragons and Dashing Assassins featuring Moses Gun and Skinwalker. Sadly, SouthSide was unable to stay for Skinwalker's headlining performance but will catch them soon another show for review.

The set by Moses Gun had its thrills and chills especially during its opening instrumental piece, Ashley, to kick off tonight's lineup. However that's all it basically had, blogspot readers, since the vocals didn't really match the fierceness and intensity of the music heard. SouthSide was looking to hear some angst/frustration from its front man, Rick (also on guitar) to make the lyrics expressively pop to life ...more dynamic to make the ears bleeds while listening to the words. This reviewer found none of that throughout Moses' set. Yes, she did enjoy the hardcore melodic vibe of their rock sound ...the intense rises and falls within the heart-pounding tempos. None of that was lacking during, Phlox, Crumble Away and closer Walk It Off. Moses made sure the audience was completely immersed into its rock music. Yet, it was the vocals where it truly mattered to vividly express the sentiments written inside the lyrics in which she felt the vocalist was holding back his truest, deepest feelings. This reviewer suggests getting more in tuned to the words to draw out the emotions. For more information about Moses Gun, visit

What does Lizard, Dragons and space rock have in common? Well, if you were at Double Door, you would have seen SouthSide's good friends, Hail The Black Dragons rockin' the stage featuring guitarist extraordinare, Lizard (who also sometimes jams with The Flabby Hoffman Trio). This band and its charismatic front man/guitarist, Aston, had fans immersed into the Dragons hardcore space rock sound though minus the space fx that usually accompanies the music which SouthSide misses terribly. Yet, fans will enjoy the metal-tastic trio (sometimes quartet if adding Aston after certain songs) of guitars dazzling the mind and ears with some intense and fierce sound ...plenty of chord/riff changes (especially during Spectro, Labyrintho, Pantheono that features part of Wings of Hyperion within the song). Much of the Dragons' sound as well as music is epic. So expect to hear long extended instrumental bridges or recognizable themes (i.e. a Batman-like guitar riff in Female Archetype). Besides performing fan favorites like Radio to Mission Control and Systema Nova (another epic rock song to blast you away to the nether reaches of a distant rock universe), SouthSide enjoyed hearing the elecrtic rock side of this band when they performed By The Light of the Electric Moon (or Elektra according to the Dragons' set list). She liked how Aston's vocals gave off that faraway distant feeling of listening to a recorded message from deep space amidst the straight guitar rock sound. Or check out Blues - their electric/blues rock song. However tonight it was a rarity to hear them perform a cover in which the Dragons paid homage to Ziggy Stardust performing Moonage Daydream. This classic David Bowie song was truly the highlight for SouthSide that spotlighted Dragons' rock style as well as Aston's multi-vocal talent. For more information about Hail The Black Dragons, visit

SouthSide's sad to inform you, blogspot readers, that the band known as WASTE is no more but don't despair. Another arose like the phoenix making its debut on the Double Door stage as Dashing Assassins. If expecting the former band incarnation and sound within the new band, then you're only going to get one half of that equation. Dashing features former members of WASTE, Trading Brains, Misguided Youth and Humboldt Lagoon but with more a harder guitar rock sound and energy edgier vibe off the riffs and Roberto (on lead vocals) being more expressive within the lyrics. This quartet definitely as well as instensely rocked the stage in front of a crowd of loyal fans and supporters. SouthSide enjoyed the new look (all looking so dashing in their matching black attire) and feel of Dashing yet there were moments in which the feedback during the 3rd song was a little strong on the ears and backing vocals were somewhat off. Still that was esily overshadowed by the twitterpating guitar riffs ...sometimes having that gritty sound as heard in Boneyard and High Society. And amidst this new sound was Roberto giving his vocals a workout like SouthSide has never heard him do before. She could vividly hear the angst/frustration now than what he did during WASTE which sparked bouts of band-fan momentum during this set. Even while performing a "mellow" song titled The Lost, one should listen out for the intense falsetto range within Roberto's voice while the band's in a downtempo alternative rock sound (though not being able to hear the backing vocals). Overall, blogspot readers, Dashing Assassins is a keeper for its diverse yet raw intense guitar rock and dynamic vocals. SouthSide highly recommends getting to know them at their next show. For more information and music, visit

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