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MOB Fest pt2 - 19 Jun 09

Hey, Fearless fans, ready for more MOB Fest fun? Well, SouthSide was as she tackled three separate shows too hot not to miss. Even a sudden rainstorm couldn’t stop this party gal from seeing old friends rockin’ the stage. Though at three separate venues, this reviewer had one adventurous night covering the bands performing. Her first stop was the all-ages show at Metro to see Cavashawn.

There was excitement in the air for this next band after the Danger Is My Middle Name performance. While stage crew helped set up the stage, the entire Metro from main floor to balcony was engulfed by frantic screaming. And that, Fearless fans, was before Cavashawn performed their opening song. Recently featured in the RedEye, SouthSide had to see why this local band was quite popular amongst the many teenage girls screaming their names. Was it the guys’ dashing handsomeness that made them swoon with fervor? Was it their bubble gum pop alternative sound and its energetic music? Or was it all of the above and more? Actually, Fearless fans, it was all of the above. It was very apparent Cavashawn had everything that appealed this crowd into a screaming frenzy. The young music fans will like their rockin’ music and charming sex appeal while their parents will enjoy the clean wholesome lyrics attached to their songs. At one point of the set, it did get a tad racy when performing a song about a stripper. The lead’s swinging hip action and sultry voice had the young ladies next to SouthSide going nuts. Toss in some guitar riffs during the instrumentals and watch the Metro erupt with more wild screaming. Yet there was point in which the screaming did die a little. While performing the cover, Misunderstood, this reviewer felt the classic rock song was more the parents in the audience than the youngsters. Though not SouthSide’s usual taste in music, overall she did enjoy how they worked the stage keeping their fans hyped from beginning to end. For more information about Cavashawn, visit the guys at or

After making a mad dash to Elbo Room, SouthSide arrived in time to see The Evening Redness perform next on stage. She first saw this band at the Double Door last month during Algren’s spectacular CD release show. Once again, this band thrilled the audience with wicked guitar instrumentals and quick riff changes. The changes took their songs to one end of the rock spectrum to another by incorporating unique sounds not commonly paired together in rock music. For example, Fearless fans will enjoy hearing some Asian rhythm in one song that had lots of energy. SouthSide recommends listening to Evening’s new song, Choose, in which drew more fan momentum during the instrumental. The serenading guitar solos were on fire …full of passion as he allowed the notes to drift endlessly. You have to see this band to feel such hot sensuality in guitar rock. For more information about The Evening Redness, visit them at

With the crowd already hyped from the last band, Moxxy was ready to keep that feeling going during their set. These guys were on fire, Fearless fans! Nothing slowed them down for one second ...not even a few minor technical difficulties could stop them from rockin’ out the Elbo Room. It was almost like watching their I AM Fest performance all over again but on a smaller stage. Moxxy had so much energy that they made the photographers work hard to snap decent photos of them. No one s ever standing still on stage when their music has this much energy. The highlight of this set was when they performed a rock instrumental piece. Adding lyrics to this song would have spoiled the awesome music heard. SouthSide highly recommends seeing this band when they returned to the Metro on July 17th for an all-ages show with Lucid Ground and Makeshift Prodigy. For more information about Moxxy, visit them at

To end this long but adventurous night of MOB Fest venue hopping, SouthSide returned to Wrigleyville for the ASCAP showcase held at Fiesta Cantina. There she was able to see Snowsera rockin’ out the stage for enthused fans. This reviewer has plans for another full review of this band soon. In the meanwhile, she encourages Fearless fans to check out Snowsera and their music at or

Headlining this MOB Fest show was long time SouthSide friends, Blackbox. It has been ages since she has seen this rock duo perform around town. And she’s glad that she did because they added a few new surprises within their set. First, the one and only World’s Greatest drummer, Greg Potter, was sporting a dual drum kit. If you’ve seen him rocking out on kit, wait until you see what he does with two kick drums. Once again, his drumming feats wowed and amazed the audience especially when he hits the two cymbals behind his sight range. This new setup also gave the band more rock percussion sound in their songs. Second, Damon, the guy on vocals and guitar, added a little more hardcore rock sound into their songs especially the new ones. Blackbox did perform the classic hits like Girls Like You and Only One during this performance. However SouthSide recommends listening to their new ones, Mistake and Rocker Boyzz. These two songs were a bit edgier than their older ones but with more hard guitar riffs and changes. At times, it felt as if there were two Damon performing on stage instead of one. He really packed a lot of guitar power into this set when Blackbox closed with a fan favorite, Sick. Compared to their shows in the past, this one for MOB Fest had more energy than before which gave the feeling of a full rock band though being a duo. SouthSide recommends Fearless fans checking out the new and improved Blackbox at their next performance. For more information about this band, visit them at or

Well, Fearless fans, that completes SouthSide's challenge - covering three amazing MOB Fest shows in one night. Now she had to rest up for Saturday’s big finale at Elbo Room.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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  1. Actually, the song Cavashawn covered is called "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". I guess you don't know it that well either!


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