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MOB Fest pt 1 - 18 Jun 09

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s back on the beat covering the 13th annual MOB Fest. It was three fun-filled nights of indie music and parties in venues around town like Fiesta Cantina and Metro. To kick things off, there was an opening party was held at Elbo Room. The crowded upstairs bar enjoyed acoustic performances by Brad Cole, Robin Horlock ( or and Makeshift Prodigy ( or Fans are encouraged to head to the Metro on July 17th to see the entire Makeshift band headline the stage. Meanwhile the downstairs offered fans a night of acoustic to hardcore guitar rock.

The lovely chanteuse, Sarah VonderHaar, opened first night of MOB Fest with a singer/songwriter set. It was a unique mix of acoustic and alternative music. SouthSide enjoyed how Sarah’s docile vocals were lost amongst rockin’ sound. There was no stopping the fire and passion in her voice while singing such songs like Over You and Sick of It All. This reviewer recommends Fearless fans who are heading to Summerfest to check out her July 1st performance. For more information about Sarah VonderHaar, visit this artist at or

This band from IN rocked the Elbo Room with a set that had lots of energy and music. The keyboard rhythms and horn sound gave Nate and His Kite that extra spark of momentum to keep the fans dancing. SouthSide enjoyed how each song had its own fresh and exciting sound that were interwoven with a mix of music genres. For example, she suggests Fearless fans listening to their Volcano Song. Despite taking suggestions to rename it, this reviewer enjoyed the steaminess of raw sensuality dripping from the Blues/R & B sound. It tempted and teased the audience at the same time with its smokin’ sultry music. Don’t be fooled by that slow tempo in the beginning either. It did gradually pick up the pace at the chorus before returning to its original rhythm at the end. Yes, Fearless fans, it was that hot. She also recommends listening to Nate’s Love Song. It’s not your typical love ballad …not with that fast tempo and quick riff changes it had. There was too much energy for it to be bogged down with sappy lyrics. If you like whimsical and lively songs, SouthSide highly recommends checking out Nate and His Kite. For more information about this band, visit them at or

This next band was the 3rd place winner during the Battles for Congress last month. Bad With Names once again wowed the audience with their neo-Reggae / Soul / Alternative sound that included double percussions of congas and drums. After opening their set with Wait, this band brought more than just their usual funk-ified sound. This time Bad added some R & B and Latin / Island rhythms to the mix. It gave them a chance to show the audience how they can incorporate different musical styles into their songs. Also it truly showed how versatile this band can be without solely being known for its thrilling conga beats. SouthSide enjoyed the energy Bad brought to the stage during this performance noting it was better than their previous Battles sets. For those who like a little spice and funk in their music, this band is for you. For more information about Bad With Names, visit them at

Band Called Catch featured a mixture of acoustic, alternative and folk music that didn’t feel watered down or dull the audience momentum. This performance was lively and full of energy that kept everyone moving to the beat including SouthSide. You couldn’t help but feed off the rockin’ vibes from the band and vice versa. Their songs at times took the whimsical side of life such as doing anything to be a rock and porn star. Though the energy did lax a bit for an acoustic solo by the front man, Tim, the fast pace quickly returned when performing the Friendly Song. This reviewer however thought it was a waste that Band Called Catch didn’t incorporate move of vibrant violin rhythm into their set. It kicked off their set with a bang but soon disappeared not to be heard again. Overall, the unofficial official CD release show, as they billed it, was fun from start to end. SouthSide recommends Fearless fans checking out Band Called Catch and their new EP titled This. For more information, visit them at

Headlining the lineup was the doctor of hardcore rock. Dr V closed out the 1st night of MOB Fest with a rousing performance of metal guitar sound that thrilled the audience. Fans gushed over his skilled fingers switching from the 6- and 12-string dual ruby red electric especially during the instrumentals. What surprised SouthSide was the Dr’s new drummer who assisted him with backing vocals. It was nice to see and hear Dr V getting the vocal help needed for such songs like American Dream and Night and Day. Yet it wasn’t solely a metal set of guitar wizardry. There were brief moments when he would switch between rock and alternative sound depending on the tone of the song performed. SouthSide enjoyed hearing the Dr’s tender side during the ballad, Loving You. The lyrics and passion in his voice revealed a side to this artist sometimes rarely seen on stage. No matter the style rockin’ the stage the fans loved his guitar sound that got them screaming for more. And the good Dr obliged his enthusiastic patients with one more that rocked down the Elbo Room. If you want to be amazed and thrilled by wild guitar rhythms, SouthSide highly recommends setting up an appointment to see Dr. V. For more information about this band, visit them at or

This, Fearless fans, was just the beginning to an exciting 3-night weekend of live indie music during MOB Fest. Part two of this 3 part review happened on Friday night when SouthSide reviewed five bands at three different venues in one hot night.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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