Monday, June 8, 2009

06 Jun 09

“…I’ve never been asked that by a man…” Machinegun Mojo
“…wait til later…” Brian Bender (of A Birdsong Valentine) at sound

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s back at the Elbo Room for another eclectic night of music. Not your usual lineup for a Saturday night either. There was acoustic, pseudo hip/hop and rock. SouthSide enjoyed the opening acoustic acts by Jessie Yoakum and Keith (of Keith & The Complications). However the pseudo hip/hop-rock performance by Laser Love failed to impress her. It was too gimmicky and too much talk as well as not enough music to satisfy this reviewer. Closing out this lineup was the rockin’ style of hip/hop and alternative by Anti-Crew. The highlight of the lineup was the energetic, mojo-fied guitar rock by Machinegun Mojo.

Machinegun Mojo’s music breathed life back in the Elbo Room with its electrifying opening song. This hot band wowed the audience by pumping riffs and rhythms that thrilled to the bone within each song. Yes, Fearless fans, this was the type of music which air-guitarists could rock out to. It had SouthSide’s mojo on fire and her booty shakin’ to the fast guitar rock sound. Fearless fans will like their energetic honky-tonk blues which really got the mojo flowing inside Elbo Room. You could feel it dripping from Rooster’s vocals and harmonics while the band thundered with bluesy rhythms. Whew, Fearless fans, it was one HOT number! Also, SouthSide suggests listening to The Devil. It will definitely get your mojo rising. Though Mojo took the energy down a notch, there are enough riffs within this song to keep your momentum running on high. So don’t let the slow tempo fool you that’s a ballad. The steady pace does pick up speed near the end for the hard guitar finish which was an audience pleaser. Machinegun Mojo closed out their set the way they began it – lots and lots of energy. What an exciting finish to end this band’s set. If searching your rock mojo, SouthSide highly recommends you’ll find it with Machinegun Mojo. For more information about this band and its music, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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