Saturday, June 6, 2009

03 Jun 09

Hey, Fearless fans, are you ready for some Tennessee rock? If you are, then check out this hot rising band, November, from Nashville. They recently rocked the Elbo Room stage on Wednesday night opening for AMP Booking Presents show. SouthSide enjoyed the fire and energy this group had for their music. It was something this reviewer wouldn’t expect after listening a sample of songs off their myspace page and EP, Superstar Paradise.

Fans can expect lots of guitar rock that thrills you to the bone. It’s loud enough to get your blood pumping and feet moving to the beat. November had the type of music that kept the audience enthused for more. SouthSide enjoyed how they combined different genres and rhythms to give their songs such rockin’ life. It’s never dull and did change the tone of their set as each song was performed. For example, listen to Jamie. This reviewer liked the power pop sound laced within the guitar riffs and sound to keep her dancing. Another song fans should listen to is New Year’s Day. The gritty guitar sound will grab your immediate attention to their unique style. There was another song that played out like a hypnotic mantra with soothing rhythmic music. It was oozing in charismatic charm and sexiness from November’s front man strutting around the stage. Their fast paced momentum did take a momentary break during Plain View. Yet it still had that upbeat fun tempo within the chorus. Their set ended the way it began in tons of energy upon closing with Sugar Free.

Whew – this band was a blast to review! SouthSide highly recommends checking out November this summer when they perform in Tennessee and Alabama. Hopefully, this band will return to Chicago soon. For more information about November and their music, visit

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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