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MOB Fest pt 3 - 20 Jun 09

“…let me know when you’re ready to rip people’s faces off with your music…” Brian Bender at sound

Well, Fearless fans, another exciting MOB Fest year came to a close on Saturday night. This year, Elbo Room hosted the industry panel sessions in which included discussions about record labels to media exposure. Panelists such as Jerry Bryant (of JBTV), Jason Silverman (ASCAP) and Chris Payne (of Q101) were on hand to give helpful advice and answers to local musicians. The music portion of this final night had performances by Blackjack Rover, Sars Flannery and Emily Mugler. Rocking the house with their NES-style show, I Fight Dragons premiered a new song and video created by a fan in Germany. Fans also enjoyed sets by Mason’s Case, The Infamous Ashley St. Ives and Fifth Story.

SouthSide caught a tiny sample of Mason’s Case with Matthew (on guitar) and David (on drums) as Matthew Alfano during I AM Fest a week ago. With the full band joining them on stage, his rock/alternative songs took on a different personality compared to the prior week. Yet one thing still remained – the set had the same rockin’ energy as before. After opening the set with Disco Ball, Mason immediately got down to business of rocking out this crowd with music that never slowed down. Fans were thrilled by the fire in guitar riffs and heart-pounding percussions. During Tin Foil, the crowd went wild for the drum solo meanwhile Miracle Man brought out the emotions in Matthew’s vocal. Mason literally lit the Elbo Room stage on fire, Fearless fans, with this one amazing set. It was hard deciding which performance did SouthSide like better – the I AM Fest or MOB Fest. Either way, both certainly had this crowd asking for one more song. For more information about Mason’s Case, visit them at or

This was not your typical guitar rock performance since the front man was behind the band on drums. And that wasn’t a bad thing, Fearless fans. You don’t see many with the chops while handling the sticks at the same time like The Infamous Ashley St. Ives. Boy, did this band ever rock down Elbo Room with their head-banging metal sound! St. Ives’ guitar section provided all the thrilling guitar riffs your ears could possibly withstand in one setting. Feel that thumping bass rhythm ...groove to the electrics’ hardcore strings …and go nuts for drummer/front man bringing that energy. The fan momentum during this performance was set on high even while taking the fast pace tempo down for Guilty. Though a ballad, the song retained the spunk and energy especially during the guitar solos in the instrumentals. Oh yeah, watch out for the hair flying around stage if standing in front while St. Ives’ performing. SouthSide highly recommends this band for those who love pounding guitar/metal rock in their diet. For more information about The Infamous Ashley St. Ives, visit them at

Simply good rock music with deep, raspy vocals is how SouthSide would describe Fifth Story’s MOB Fest performance. This band didn’t need a flashy gimmick or whatnot to garner the fans’ attention. They let the music be their spokesperson for them. Fifth Story throughout the set showed how versatile they can be within in the rock genre without pegging them into one category. One minute they could turn a ballad into a sweet lullaby and in the next pounding your ears with blood-curdling guitar riffs. SouthSide suggests listening to their Southern fried rock song, Whiskey. The guitar solos during the instrumental had many in the audience dancing to the music. Yet this reviewer did have problem with the low vocals during the set. At times, the lead’s voice was too soft to be heard over the rockin’ music. Still at the precise moment, he could rip the microphone with such emotion and passion that it drove the ladies wild. SouthSide recommends listening to Fifth Story’s Lady Love in which you can feel as well as hear emotions pouring out of his voice. Another fine example would be Lake Michigan in which the softness of his raspy voice shined throughout the song. In the end, Fifth Story had this crowd screaming for more. This reviewer recommends Fearless fans checking out this unique band at their next performance. For more information about Fifth Story, visit them at

Well that ends another successful MOB Fest season. Lots of good music heard and discovered during those three nights. SouthSide had another fun rockin’ time attending the shows. Thanks to all who helped and hosted the bands performing on stage.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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