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27 Mar 09

"…don’t touch that dial…” I Fight Dragons

Have you ever wondered what your videogames would look like if they were a rock band? Well, Fearless gamers, you don’t have to wonder anymore because there’s such a band. SouthSide first heard of I Fight Dragons when they sold out the Elbo Room a month ago. At that time, they were promoting the release of their EP, Cool Is Just A Number. Watching the crowded room react and interact with the band, she had to review this unique group of colorful characters and experience their wild antics herself.

What fans should know about IFD is they’re probably the only ones to claim the title as a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) band. Second, they don’t skimp on recreating the feeling for the audience of being inside a videogame. I Fight Dragons had classic NES controllers, sounds and a power pad to show off those video dance moves. The members of the band were our favorite video characters. For example, Brian (on guitar and lead vocals) was Superman/Mario and Mike (on guitar and vocals) was Luigi. Of course, there wouldn’t be a video adventure like this one if there wasn’t a princess (Laura on vocals) to save. Also, there’s a TV which runs video and game images corresponding to their song playlist. And lastly, be prepared to have fun playing along with the band.

The excitement on Friday night began way before IFD ever reached the Martyrs’ stage. Their bubbly street team got the crowd hyped for the show by passing out glow sticks as well as hawking IFD wear. Opening the set with a retro NES commercial, fans were ready to begin their live video quest. Fearless fans, this performance was filled with sight and sounds. Sometimes you’ll have a hard time keeping track of what’s happening on and off stage. Hearing songs like The Faster The Treadmill and Money, their fans were singing, playing and dancing along with the band. SouthSide enjoyed the funny antics during one about saving the Princess trapped in the tower. However besides the fun, there was a serious message to be heard in IFD’s songs. For example in Money, there were clips of financial news reports and clever lyrics like “…money makes the world go round…”. Another fine example would be This Just In. She liked how the network news was labeled as mindless chatter leaving her to wonder do we really want to know what’s going on in the world. Of course, no IFD show would be complete without the fun cover version of Rick Astley’s Never Give You Up. This song truly fired up the crowd especially when the Zelda theme was played during the instrumental. The highlight of the night came at the end of the set. IFDs performed a unique NES-sound instrumental before rocking the packed Martyrs’ with No Likes Superman Anymore.

Whew! SouthSide’s exhausted yet it was the most fun to had on a chilly Friday night. This reviewer highly recommends Fearless fans checking out this wild and crazy band when they rock the XRT free show at Cubby Bear on April 17. For more information about I Fight Dragons, visit these NES gamers at www.ifightdragons.com or www.myspace.com/ifightdragons.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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