Wednesday, April 1, 2009

30 Mar 09

SouthSide On the Town

Hey, Fearless fans, for one night only SouthSide went emo! That’s right it was techno/electronica at the Darkroom with Faith Assembly and Moulin Noir. The venue itself lived up its name creating the perfect atmosphere for the featured performances. However the lack of audience attending this spectacular show was very discouraging for this reviewer. Actually, this show was better suited for the weekend crowd instead of a Monday. Still that didn’t stop the few who did from partying in their fashionable emo wear.

Though, it showed they haven’t performed in Chicago in a long time, Faith Assembly managed to pull off a decent performance. It was a stimulating mixture of ambient, techno and rock wrapped inside the band’s music. This reviewer felt the rhythm and harmonies brought to life by Mark’s and Laura’s vocals in each song. The vocals complimented the other wonderfully in creating that sensuality and sexiness experienced from the performance.

Opening with Crash and Burn, Faith Assembly’s sound instantly had SouthSide swaying to the soft rhythms and vocals. Yet it was Red Ambition and Phantoms that this reviewer enjoyed the most about the set. She noticed during these songs Mark would be more passionate and vocal while singing without the guitar. He exposed his deepest feelings and had his personality shine through his voice. Plus it gave him more freedom to move about the stage and interact with female vocalist.

Both songs created a fiery momentum with the audience that it had them entranced to the music. Faith Assembly performed a fan fave, Cascade, before closing their performance with Carry Me. This song was sensual, subtle, sleek and sexy – very hot to the senses. The slow and steady tempo perfectly lulled the dancers to feel each beat of the music.

Yes it was a mind blowing experience to feel such sensuality within music. This reviewer recommends catching their next show in Orlando, Florida on April 12. For more information about Faith Assembly, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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