Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 & 3 Apr 09

Hey, Fearless fans, check out the following local bands that rocked the Elbo Room stage on April 2nd and 3rd.

6 Degrees of Separation was given the rare chance to strut their stuff as the headlining band April 2nd. In this reviewer’s opinion, it was a sign of more good things to come for this band. So far, they shared the stage with other popular bands like Reverie, Red City and (A)bakus. Though their music doesn’t come with fancy peddle-board sounds and effects, it does pack a lot of guitar riffs and rhythms. It’s the type of music classic rock fans truly would like. Carefully listen to 6DOS’ lyrics and you’ll hear the spirit of 60s movement alive and well. SouthSide suggests checking out Cruel Nation. The message for more social awareness is still needed today as it was back then. Featuring other classics like Seven and Wake Up, the band debut a new song, The Healer. 6DOS rocked out the venue with hard guitar riffs and rhythms. SouthSide liked how this song allowed the band to branch deeper within their rock genre. It was another fine performance as the headliner. This reviewer hopes to see more of them in this role soon. For more information about 6 Degrees of Separation, visit them at or

Whenever SouthSide sees this guitar duo, she’s reminded of the indie version (Paul) Simon and (Art) Garfunkel. On April 3rd, The Real Jane Martin brought that singer-songwriter to life on stage during their performance. Performing songs off their latest EP, Simple Math, it was an acoustic set with an electric feel when necessary. SouthSide enjoyed how their songs were touching and personal. For example, listen to Sarah, a song about building up self confidence and esteem. The audience was moved by the powerful emotions off the lyrics. Or take, 9 Miles, returning to hometown for better or worse, that had a soft mandolin rhythm within the song. SouthSide liked their co-written song, Looking for Jane, which gave this reviewer the impression she doesn’t want to be found. The Real Jane Martin closed out the set with a fun cover rendition of Madonna’s Crazy for You. It was more upbeat than original and included some audience participation too. For more information, visit this duo at or

The unique five-guitar arrangement of this band drew out the alternative rock sound in this band’s music. Supra Genius simply impressed this reviewer with their versatile tone of country to bluegrass during the set. She liked how the lyrics painted a storytelling picture within the songs. The music was full of simple and danceable rhythms that some in the audience moving to the beat. The highlight of Supra’s performance was a fantastic cover of The Beach Boy’s Sloop John B. Their rendition had more of an Americana feel though more was needed to hear the backing vocals. New song, Separated by Lies, certainly rock out the stage on a momentous high. However in SouthSide’s opinion, the audience was somewhat too laidback to fully savor the angst in the vocals. This reviewer enjoyed the country tone in Interstate before closing the performance with Get It Together. Supra Genius, Fearless fans, provided a unique and intimate experience during their performance. SouthSide highly recommends checking out their next show. For more information about Supra Genius, visit this band at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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