Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Apr 09

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide was lucky enough to support a charity event that raised money for a good cause. O.S.E.A. (Organizing Students for Education and the Arts) held a fundraiser at Subterranean to obtain their nonprofit status. O.S.E.A. is an organization which assists students on the southwest side of Chicago about the business of the arts. Through this community organization, they learn about cultural diversity, environmentalism, social awareness and building bridges within their neighborhood. Local bands like Subatomico and Lovers In Arms, lent a helping hand to support this great cause. They provided sets featuring a mixture of Spanglish music and lyrics for the audience. For more information about O.S.E.A., visit

If Pink Floyd was able to tap into the dark side of the moon, then Fearless fans should check out SouthSide’s friends, Kelroy. This band tapped into the dark side of the human emotion though its music and lyrics. The audience felt as well as heard it via the mournful guitars riffs of pain and angst. Within the pain and angst, there were ominous messages worth heeding. It has been a long while since first reviewing them however they’re still rocking strong but more vibrantly than before. What SouthSide liked about Kelroy was their varied music style which took the audience from one end of the emo spectrum to another. For example, Kelroy’s opening song was instrumentally moving that wasn’t weighed down deep in sad moodiness. It was spiritually uplifting and immediately grabbed the audience’s attention. And it wasn’t all dark emo music during this set. There were subtle hints of “happier” moments too yet you need a good ear to catch it. When it reaches that “happy” spot, it will certainly fuel a fiery momentum which makes you move to the rhythm. It certainly sparked Luis (Kelroy’s front man) as he moved and hopped about on stage. It was an amazing performance compared to last year’s, Fearless fans. SouthSide highly recommends catching the dark and “happy” emo side to Kelroy at their next performance. For more information about this band, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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