Wednesday, May 6, 2009

11 Apr 09

“…and now something completely different…” Cavalry

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide spotted the Easter Bunny! He was busy hoppin’ and partyin’ at the hottest nightspot on the near Westside. It was one rockin’ party as fans packed the Cobra Lounge to see Professor Kliq, Cavalry and The Glide.

Professor Kliq was a perfect last-minute replacement for Fun Club that got this party to a fast hopping start. This duo’s mixture of funky underground music had the crowd on fire from start to finish. SouthSide enjoyed hearing a couple of throwback songs tucked within their mad spinnin’ rhythms. This style made the tracks flow continuously without the crowd missing a single beat. There was energy pumping through the Professor’s keyboards and mix tables that kept this reviewer dancing. The music was contagious and fun. And these hips don’t lie because the butt was shakin’ throughout this performance. Sadly it was quickly over before the party really got started. SouthSide recommends Fearless fans to take a class with this duo of electronica/techno wizardry. For more information about Professor Kliq, visit them at or

The last time SouthSide saw Collin he was rockin’ the stage as a guitarist under White Hot Knife. Currently he’s the front man of his own band called Cavalry. And this reviewer highly recommends Fearless fans checking out the new look and sound of this ex-guitarist. It’s a stark difference going from powerpop to hardcore rock but SouthSide loved every minute of their performance. The momentum felt after the first guitar riff didn’t end until Cavalry’s set finished. It was fun watching how Collin and the band reacted and interacted with the crowd. He even looks great as the front man of the band though telling SouthSide he’s still getting use in that position. He did have this rock god image going well for him as he poses and flashes some eye candy for the ladies. Performing songs like Dead Rose and Love Rock, the band thrilled them with amazing riffs and music. They were totally soaking up every bit of Cavalry’s music that there were demands for more. This was way better than their US Beer Company Co show last month. For more information about Cavalry, visit them at

Closing out this mad party was band that combined a little rock, powerpop and loads of fun. The Cobra Lounge instantly turned into a hip nightclub when The Glide stepped onto the stage. Not only did they provide fun in their music but also had glow sticks and balloons to spice up their performance. Wild dancing on and off the stage ruled the night. And SouthSide was absolutely enjoying herself amidst the sexy craziness. The Glide had this infectious sexy persona which had everyone dancing throughout their performance. Performing songs like Future and Ashes, this band never once had a moment where anyone wasn’t moving. The entire room was hopping like bunnies and having a great time. And even after the encore, the crowd wanted more and more. Whew what a hot, sexy performance by The Glide, Fearless fans. This reviewer highly recommends getting caught up in this dance fever whenever this band performs again. For more information about The Glide, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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