Friday, March 6, 2009

26 Feb 09

“…rain, rain go away…” SouthSide

It was wet, dreary and stormy night, Fearless fans, however that did not stop this reviewer from completing her mission. Fans braced the rough weather to attend the final Rock Star Mafia showcase. Kudos to Brian Bender (also the front man of A Birdsong Valentine) and Elbo Room staff for compiling the best of rising bands. For the last four weeks, these bands rocked the stage for a chance to add a song to the 2009 compilation album due out soon. Tonight’s lineup featured 40oz Sidekick, Arma, Late Night Hooligan Riff Raff, Chester and Geared Towards Nowhere.

Featured on New Music Binge, SouthSide finally had the chance to review this eclectic rock band. Chester was hard to define because it incorporated a unique blending of genres in its music. And that wasn’t a bad thing in this reviewer’s book. Add rip-roarin’ guitar riffs, pounding percussion rhythms and Jordan, SouthSide knew she’s was going to have a fun time. Throughout their set, she heard lyrical rap with metal rock to emo with a haunting creepiness and head-banging metal with raw angst. A variety like that truly kept the audience on its listening toes never knowing what to expect next from Chester. Their opening song, Soma, fused lyrical verse of rap with some screamin’ angst and metal sound. Not quite seen together but with front man, Jordan, on vocals, this band pulled it off nicely.

SouthSide enjoyed My Imagination because of its creepy journey inside a mind full of dark secrets and desires. Warning, it wasn’t a pretty thing to hear either. Tranquilicious had this strange metal rhythm woven into a rock ballad. Yes, Fearless fans, this reviewer said strange and ballad …still not a bad thing. Though taking a slower tempo than the others, this song had that punch of head-banging metal and angst. By now, Chester’s energetic insanity and antics on stage became contagious reaching the audience. Meanwhile, Wake Up took a more upbeat rhythm as the insanity continued. They took us Home with one heck of a send-off which left the fans wanting more of Chester. Whew, what a performance, Fearless fans. SouthSide highly recommends Fearless and metalhead fans checking out this band whenever they perform again. For more information about Chester, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.



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