Thursday, March 26, 2009

12 Mar 09

“…I know it’s not Friday let’s get drunk tonight…” M.O.T.O.

Warning – this review might contain offensive material. Read at your own risk.

It was a dark and raunchy night. Fearless Fans! Fans gathered at the coolest place on the Southside for a shock and punk glam rock show. Reggie’s Music Joint was the place to see and hear the raunchiest band ever reviewed by SouthSide. That’s right – SHAT was back in Chicago to rock the stage. This time they brought along a few new friends to provide more shock, glam and fun all night long. Also appearing on the lineup included Howie & The Homos, M.O.T.O. and The Fuckaround Kids.

Dressed in their finest glam attire, Howie & The Homos kicked off the lineup with rockin’ set of punk covers. They covered a wide range of hits and forgotten tunes such as Suffragette City (David Bowie) and Yo Mama Crazy. Fans loved the wild stage antics and mini striptease by Howie as well as the music. Though there was some bad mic feedback during Mott the Hoople cover of All The Young Dudes, Howie & The Homos’ performance did please this reviewer. She enjoyed the Village People-like attire for the band behind Howie. Yet this was only the beginning to the wild and raunchy night, Fearless fans. For more information about Howie & The Homos, visit them at

M.O.T.O. kicked off their set with a song dedicated to all the ladies at Reggie’s Music Joint. With song titles like Chicks Can Tell and Chokin' On Your Insides, this band thrilled the audience with wild rhythms and riffs. Their performance was fast paced and full of fun. Fans could feel the energetic vibes through their music. SouthSide liked 2 4 6 8 Rock and Roll which had this touch of British punk in the song. Besides having a good set, M.O.T.O. did have some problems. The vocals needed to up more to be hear above about guitars and the song finishes were a little rough. Overall, M.O.T.O. didn’t disappoint these punk fans. For more information about this band, visit them at
Usually SouthSide’s prepared for anything during a punk rock show however she wasn’t expecting anything like this next band. It was one performance which left this virgin reviewer blushing bright cherry red from start to finish. The Fuckaround Kids were the second raunchiest punk band she has ever reviewed. And ladies, there was some eye candy to behold during this set as well. The antics on stage were nothing compared to what was happening off stage. Fans went completely insane from FAK’s punk sound and songs about sex, beer and fun. Or was it from watching the gyrating hips of the bassist in the blue thong? One thing SouthSide could say about this performance – it’s definitely not for those who are easily offended by crude lyrics and full frontal nudity. Beside the lewd behavior and breaking every indecency law, FAK thrilled the audience was wicked instrumental solos and riffs. There was even a thirty-second death metal drinking game during the middle of their set. Beware of beer cans being tossed to and from the stage, Feareless fans. Overall, SouthSide highly recommends being part of the wild and craziness that ensues with this band. For more information about The Fuckaround Kids, visit them at

SouthSide’s still reeling from Shat’s performance last year at the Elbo Room. Tonight, they conquered Reggie’s with another wild and raunchy set. Mixing metal with plenty of crude sexual innuendoes, this band rocked down the house with songs like Time To Suck On My Penis and Thank God For Pussy. And this was only the beginning to some of their sixty-nine song playlist. They performed fast and hard like a lunchtime quickie in a storage room closest. Yes, Fearless fans, this band like The Fuckaround Kids took the audience into new heights of the deviant minds of horny men. You could tell from the lyrics how much they love every aspect of the female anatomy sans the missionary position. Oh yeah, lesbians, Shat loves you too! All Shat’s saying was give vagina a chance. Despite that, they do advocate practicing safe sex or you’ll get Crabs. SouthSide enjoyed their new songs off their upcoming EP like the one about shaving and selling dollar whores. If everything’s a dollar at the Dollar Tree, then why can’t you buy a dollar whore? Something to think about the next time you visit your neighborhood dollar store. SouthSide would disclose more about Shat’s performance however she recommends that you view the raunchy punk show yourself. For more information about Shat, visit these bad boys at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.



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