Sunday, March 29, 2009

19 Mar 09

“…you’ve failed the dancing portion of this show…” The Moves

Hey, Fearless fans, Spring’s almost here and that means the return of baseball for this Southside gal. Tonight fans packed the popular Cubby Bear for an exciting free show featuring awesome music and fun. The late lineup featured performances by two great bands, The Moves and Makeshift Prodigy.

This Fearless band tried to use bribery to get a good review from SouthSide. The guys wanted this reviewer to rave how fun and exciting their performance was. HA! Their check didn’t clear however a bribe wasn’t necessary. The Moves had all of the right the moves on stage to impress this reviewer. SouthSide had a great time moving and grooving to their rock alternative sound. She liked how the keyboards in their music gave it a pop tone and energy. For example, during Pump, fans could feel the vibes from the band as they rocked out the stage. Thrilling the audience with wild guitar riffs, this song had The Moves more animated than before. Other times their pop sound took on a different personality. It was interesting not knowing where this band would take her next within their set. From alternative to powerpop, this band knew how to mix things up to keep fans rockin’. Drama Queen was a fine example hearing Dave switch from pop to angst in his vocals. SouthSide highly recommends listening to the political themed song, No Way Out. They closed out their performance with a retro 80s cover before quickly vanishing off stage. Fearless fans are encouraged to snag the latest copy of The Moves’ EP titled One Two Three Four. Or better yet, check them out live on stage at their next performance. For more information about this band, visit them at

Makeshift Prodigy – what more can SouthSide raved about this next band? Except this time she was ducking from a flying drumstick instead of a drum! This reviewer highly recommends Fearless fans checking out their next performance. Their music inspired the mind by taking the audience on a spiritual journey via sight and sound. As SouthSide mentioned before, think of Coldplay when seeing this popular local band. Makeshift Prodigy uniquely meshes different genres into one that was so uplifting yet leaving you breathless for more. It was definitely intoxicating. Just watch and hear the reactions from their legion of fans. From beginning to end, the band fed off their feverish vibes and energy. And vice versa that fans couldn’t get enough of Makeshift Prodigy. They demanded for more. Everyone inside the Cubby Bear grooving and dancing to the tribal beat of their songs. You could feel the spirit moving throughout the venue – it was something you have to experience for yourself in person. Fearless fans. Words cannot truly describe how wondrous it was to be live feeling their music flow through you. It wasn’t like their Metro show two months ago but it was close to it. This Revolution will never be broadcasted on television. It shall always be live whenever and wherever Makeshift Prodigy performs next. In SouthSide’s opinion, it’s the only way to experience a spiritual journey like this. For more information about this band, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local artists and indie music.


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