Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30 Aug 14

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a rarity that SouthSide puts down the pen and pad and simply enjoy the show. Well, she recently did just that when attending the Villains Carnival held at Chicago's legendary House of Blues. The lineup featured live performances by A.D.D., Red Novella, Mind Merchant and  Consume The Divide with V Is For Villains headlining and The Streets opening. Since this reviewer was taking the night off, she instead snapped photos of show...
 Consume The Divide
Wild metal rock which had fans moshing and jumping around on and off the stage. Visit them at

Check out new single "Core" off new album coming soon by this local band ...still great to hear A.D.D. classics like "Maybe" with that raw female vocal angst (by front woman Margaret) and the thrilling heavy guitar rock sound, blogspot readers. Visit them at 

It was a Villains party, blogspot readers as V Is For Villains and its fashionably dressed, loyal brigade took over the merch area of the House of Blues. "One of Us!" chanting and socializing going on....


Mind Merchant
Thundering hardcore guitar sounding, head-banging metal rock. Check out song "Freight Train" about a rock-n-roll show that not only roared but thrilled as well as chilled this reviewer to the bone, blogspot readers. VERY loud to incite bouts of moshing and more amongst their fans. Visit them at 

Red Novella

Now, it's time for some Filipino metal rock, blogspot readers! This band traveled from a long distance just to rock out the House of Blues stage with songs like "Answers" and "Never Back Down". Plenty of intense, gritty guitar riffs to blast out the ears. Oh yeah, the word of the day (from PeeWee's Playhouse) - "Moist". Visit this band at


 V Is For Villains
It's time to decide, blogspot readers ..."Evolve or Die" " of us..." to "Rise Above" the "Sinner" that you are in a "World Without Rules" or face "Mr. Agitator" as he and his villainous gang spreads a "Disease" that will bring you "Closer" (Nine Inch Nail cover) to being "Popular" as his "Broken Doll". Oh watch out for the "Pink Elephants". Become a villain at

"...anyone who chicken dances on my command is seriously fucked up..." ~ Mr. Agitator


 "...where are the singles?! I want to strip..." ~ Mr. Agitator


Until next time, support your local scene,

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