Tuesday, September 30, 2014

26 Sept 14 - Miggs with Terry McDermott

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another hot time rockin' around town with SouthSide! Yet, the goal of her night wasn't to review but finally enjoy music. So it was off to Lakeview's popular nightspot, Elbo Room, to rock with her touring friend - Miggs who brought along a special guest Terry McDermott (http://www.terrymacmusic.com) to perform one unique performance. It wasn't just Terry acoustically opening for the band. No, it was a combination of both Terry and Miggs (either with a few band members and/or the entire band) together on stage.

What a music combination it was, blogspot readers! This reviewer enjoyed the intense emotions being pumped through the microphone by Terry while (at first) John Luzzi (guitarist/vocalist of Miggs) accompanied him during songs like "Black Hole" and "Join or Die". She found herself feeling the heartfelt words popping to life especially while performing a cover of Foreigner's top ballad "I Wanna Know What Love Is", Yet it wasn't all seriousness and deep emotions with this duo, blogspot readers. There was some lighthearted comedic moments too and flicking of Miggs guitar picks into the audience. Gradually adding Don Miggs and other members into the mix, subsequently went from Terry McDermott opening performance to a Terry and Miggs set until finally Miggs took over the stage rockin' to the song "Pretty". This particular song moved not only the band but audience as well into the energizing, upbeat rhythmic tempo thus kicking off the performance with an explosive bang! Not to worry, Terry would be rejoining Miggs again.

Now with Miggs (http://www.miggsmusic.com) fully energized and ready to rock out stage with selections off their current release Walls Come Down, blogspot readers. Besides the lively rhythms or the harmonic vocal melodies, you just might hear words of encouragement and/or inspiration within the song's lyrics. For example, check out "Be Good To Yourself" - piece of advice Don gives to his young sons ..."Passing Through" where he advises you to '...take the thorn out of your side ...take the stone out of your shoe ...you're only passing through...' whatever has you bogged down in trouble or despair ..."Home" where the heartfelt emotions come to light as he misses his sons and wife which also features a verse from The Righteous Brother's "Unchained Melodies". It was such a powerful moment, blogspot readers, as Don poured out the emotions through the words while the band passionately backed him with the music. Oh yeah, Miggs know how to add a little funk to their rock sound too especially when performing "The Drifter". What made the evening truly special their fans, blogspot readers, was when they did a medley of songs from George Michael's "Faith" to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" as well as Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall part 2" and the two different versions of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and Seal before topping it off with a very enthusiastic version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta of Love" in between "Let  The Games Begin" and title track - "Walls Come Down". To really end this dual performance on a high note, Terry joined the band for a rousing encore number, Beatles' Helter Skelter ...a rarely heard as well as performed song but with Miggs' explosive rock sound and Terry on the mic, it was certainly a treat, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out Miggs with Terry McDermott while both are currently touring together. Two hot hours of a music performance not to be missed this fall, blogspot readers!

Enjoy the photos snapped from the show at Chicago's Elbo Room...



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