Saturday, September 27, 2014

24 Sept 14 - Social Media Week: Day 3

Hey, blogspot readers, Social Media Week continues with another fabulous night on the town! This time SouthSide found herself at an exclusive networking party held at River North's Network Bar & Grill where she met marketers, salon business owners, sales associates and more at the Naked by Essations event.
In her honest opinion, this was one of the better parties attended thus far! If you truly wanted to network, this was definitely the place to do it, blogspot readers. Luckily, this reviewer had plenty of colorful business cards to pass out. Many of the top people were there to network as well as celebrate the success of Naked by Essations.
This place was already alive and jumpin' to the DJ's ultra fabulous selection of old to new school as well as classic and modern hip hop/R&B/funk music. Not an inch of space wasn't left unused and/or untouched by attendees who spent most of the night dancing to their favorite tracks, blogspot readers. What an instant reaction to get your guests dancing and doing the "Carlton" whenever you spin Sugarhill Gang's "Apache" (Jump On It) or Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison". Haven't heard Cajmere's "It's Time For The Perculator" in a long time!

Immediately greeted and welcomed to the soiree by Jasmine Browley, Social Media Marketer of this event, this reviewer was deeply encouraged to introduce herself as well as socialize and mingle amongst the crowded room. Soon she met others like the style ambassador Remy V Fab (aka Chris Curse) who showed off the lovely models demonstrating the different hairstyles when using the Naked hair care products. Whatever your hairstyle type, blogspot readers, SouthSide was thoroughly informed that it would work if your hair is relaxed and colored, swage or natural. She even briefly met the man behind Naked by Essations, his lovely wife and daughter at the party. Among the others she met during the night at this event was Teddy - the top salesperson, the duo behind The Life Network and Clifford of Chi Life Industries Inc. SouthSide plans to stay in contact with them in the near future.

SouthSide would like to thank the organizers and attendees for allowing her to spend part of the night amidst their festive celebration.

Enjoy the photos she snapped...


Style Ambassador, Remy V Fab


"We just got Naked!"

Until next time, support your local scene,

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