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14 Sept 14 - Riot Fest Day 3

The Cure
What could truly top Saturday's Riot Fest experience?

How about seeing The Cure live on stage to close out Riot Fest?!

The Cure
Believe it or not, blogspot readers, SouthSide has long-standing love affair (mostly over front man Robert Smith) with this Goth/emo band since the 1980s and tonight, she had the extreme opportunity to see them (again) before bidding a fond farewell to Riot Fest Chicago 2014. Just like yesterday, she was still knee-deep stuck in the muddy fields with the mass of thousands upon thousands attending this local music festival rockin out to other live acts like Kurt Vile & The Violators, Andrew W. K. and Dropkick Murphys.

Team Spirit
"This song is about murder as I quickly murder this beer.." ~ Ayad, front man/guitarist for Team Spirit
Southside began her day with some rowdy Team Spirit ( at the Radical Stage with its loud, ass kicking guitar punk rock, blogspot readers, to which many fans enjoyed while slamming dancing/moshing at the center. When listening to this particular band, it's best to have the volume on the loudest setting as possible. This reviewer liked the energy that automatically generated a head-banging response and frantic excitement amidst Team's intense sound and vocal angst.
Kurt Vile & The Violators
Then, it was time to head across the fest grounds to nearby Riot Stage to rock with Kurt Vile & The Violators ( before taking a rest at the media tent again and then heading to Rise Stage for Andrew W. K. Kurt and the band drew a fantastic crowd head-banging as well as crowd surfing to it's "emo to the max" rock-n-roll, blogspot readers, amidst songs like "Feel My Pain" and "Never Run Away".

Andrew W. K.
SouthSide had a quick opportunity to interview Andrew W. K. ( before he and the band held one of the wildest parties ever experienced in her reviewing career. Describing his live performance as "...different ...powerful ...exciting" was putting it very modestly, blogspot readers. Actually, it was an insanely wild, fan-frenzied, sing-a-long performance with plenty of head-banging rowdiness (if standing close to the stage where SouthSide was). Yet don't take that as a negative comment. This reviewer enjoyed every minute of it especially when Andrew along with his thousands of fans erupted into crazed frenzy during "Party Hard" as well as others like "Ready To Die", "Party Party Party", "Take It Off" and "I Love NYC" amidst a fast-n-furious punk rock sound with some tendencies of being an epic piano rock opus. That song instantly had everyone either singing along and/or moshing wildly ...basically doing what they love to do - partying hard. Andrew in a nutshell is the supreme leader of the party animal crew. And if you think it was crazy being amongst the crowd in a muddied field, you should see Andrew W.K. and his band while their on stage. SouthSide was literally getting exhausted trying to jot down every moment happening around her and on stage ...that's how intense this performance got, blogspot readers. Yes, the party gods were definitely smiling down upon this party worshipping crowd. What a blast. Andrew ended the interview with this reviewer by thanking fans for coming to Riot Fest "...thanks to you and your passion this exists..."

Naked Raygun
Then it was time to do a mad dash through the crowd and mud while heading back to the Roots Stage to catch Naked Raygun ( for a bit of birthday celebration for the Riot Fest organizers during this band's performance. "...they're the reason why you're standing in mud and there's a Ferris wheel..." screamed front man Jeff Pezzati before having the crowd sing "Happy Birthday". Performing punk rock as its purest form ...full of poetic rants with gritty guitar sound, this legendary local punk rock band thrilled the crowd with such classic songs likes "Soldier's Requiem", "Rat Patrol", "Surf Combat" and "Leeches"  though hearing fans outdueling the other when shouting their favorites in between songs, blogspot readers. Those closest to the stage were the fist-pumping scene ...while many in spots around this crowded field there were some crowd surfing and moshing going on.
Show You Suck
Next, back at the Radical Stage, it was time to join the crowded stage area once again for another up-n-coming local artist - Show You Suck ( Already hyped for this particular performance, the fans took it up another two notches when Show's DJs and hype/MC man got them pumped and screaming to welcome Clinton Sandifer aka Show onto the stage. That's when everything suddenly went wildly insane with the slam dancing and moshing, blogspot readers, while enjoying the hardcore hip hop/rap performance. "...I'm playing Riot Fest ...this is fuckin' insane..." Show told the crowd in between songs before mentioning how it was awesome as well as weird (but not in a bad sense of weird ...more like unbelievably excited and weird at the same time) for him to perform at a music festival like Riot Fest. SouthSide could tell it was a dream come true for this particular artist in which he appropriately rocked the crowd with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" dedicating it to those who have experienced that journey towards their dreams. Show was amazing ...handling his first music festival like a pro, blogspot readers, while blasting the crowd with songs off his One Man Pizza Party series like "80's Boobs", "Rap Game Karate" and "Makeout King".

SouthSide will be right back ...she needs to see a medic about this bee sting on her arm!

Nothing to worry about, blogspot readers. At least, she's not allergic to bee stings! The medic put a salt solution on the swelling and told her it's going to be painful for a couple of days...

My Gold Mask
It was back to Radical Stage for two local favorites My Gold Mask ( and Archie Powell & The Exports ( in which both performances attracted a huge draw of fans to this stage area. My Gold Mask offered the early evening crowd a much lighter rock experience compared to the intense yet wild Show Yow Suck performance. SouthSide enjoyed the soothing, dream-like electro pop sound by this trio who were more about the music and less talk for their crowd of fans. At times, featured songs like "Ghosts In Your Bed" and "In Our Babylon" had this dramatic stage presence wonderfully exhibited by front woman Gretta with her aria-like voice projecting drama through her tone on lyrics. She was quite expressive amidst the electro-pop rhythms and melodies highlighting her vocal style.
Archie Powell & The Exports
Meanwhile, "...we are Archie Powell and The Exports ...and we practice down the street..." were a wild and crazy band, blogspot readers. They loved to have a rockin' good time that not only thrilled but delighted their screaming, dancing fans around SouthSide. And they proved to be one of the most difficult bands to photograph before they were all over the stage with their frenzied dance and stage antics due to the music's fast-paced nature. She loved the excitable momentum and energy felt song after song like "Skip Work" and off their current third release, Back In Black - "Everything's Cool" and "Everything's Fucked". They even completely understood if you had to leave during the middle of their set to see The Cure (who were about to step on stage just as their performance was getting started). SouthSide loved these guys and the way they brought wildness and fun to their live performance for their fans, blogspot readers,

The Cure
"Who is this band performing on stage?" ~ a man asks SouthSide
"That's The Cure!" ~ SouthSide to the man
"Oh ...never heard of them..."

Ah, The Cure ( What could SouthSide honestly say about a band that she has been such a fan for ever since hearing songs like "A Forest" and "Let's Go To Bed" before totally falling in love with "Just Like Heaven", "Lovecats", "Lullaby" and many, many more, blogspot readers? Except that she was thrilled to the bone to be basking in the field of thousands upon thousands more reminiscing as well as sing to the songs that could  almost be the soundtrack of her teen and early adult years of life. Hearing front man Robert Smith sing her favorites live again was ...words could not describe how she felt. Yet all around her, fans were also singing along to "Fascination Street" and "Friday I'm In Love". This reviewer absolutely melted in the mud upon hearing "Love Song". It was definitely an awesome performance to end her Riot Fest experience being amongst other Cure fans and re-living precious memories, blogspot readers.

What a weekend, blogspot readers! It was worth the soreness felt on Monday morning...

Until next time, support your local scene,


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