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One On One with Casey Donahew

"...We've done it on our own as outlaw outside the system..." ~ Casey Donahew

Howdy, y'all!
This rock chick has gone Texan country for this special One On One interview with her new friend, Casey Donahew, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of Casey Donahew Band, blogspot readers. Using the " holds barred..." approach with his music (as well as life), it has given this musician and the band an upper hand when it comes to delivering honest country/rock music that has a message for his fans. That same approach also has made his a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment - the right to bear arms, and in the belief that people have the right to stand up for what they believe which is why he named the current release "Stand Off". And SouthSide has been told this album is another collection of "...pure Texas country..." Recently, this reviewer was lucky enough to sit down with Casey Donahew before arriving to Chicago where he and the band will be headlining the Riverfront Mayfest on Sunday May 18th and chat about the new album, life in the Texas music scene and could this rock chick be a little country too. Also appearing at this 3-day kick off to summer fun and music will be local acts such as sixteencandles bands, The Hot Sauce Committee, My Name Is Jonas and many more.

Describing the Casey Donahew Band as a "...rockin' Texas country experience...", blogspot readers, Casey immediately told this reviewer that he and the guys "...always put on a show that people will come back to see ...[it's] entertaining and it's exciting..." The main ingredients SouthSide likes to see whenever she's rockin' at a live show. However, will her rock persona fit within this band's country music? Casey believed so since he enjoys getting the crowd screaming and moving instead of sitting down (or standing in front of the stage). The goal is "...try to keep them moving..." he mentioned over the phone, "...there's something for everyone..." at his shows. Something that his fans everywhere have come to expect from Casey and the band. She then asked him what inspires him when writing and/or creating his songs to which he said "...from life and what's happening in the news..." In a way, he's constantly searching for that one great line for his songs's part of the same formula he's been using for over 12 years, blogspot readers. The album title - "Stand Off" is actually twofold. Besides it being the summation of Casey Donahew Band's music career, the musician is also personally making a political statement for example like the issue of gun ownership. "...we're strong believers or the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms..." To be honest, blogspot readers, when reading the band's bio, she didn't know to ask Casey a question about this without sounding offensive with her own personal belief about the subject. Yet he took the lead on this by stating to her that he wants people " understand it's okay to own a gun..." which does include being a responsible owner as well but don't read that statement as if he's trying to make you get one. He merely want the opposing side to stop telling others like him that it's wrong to own one.

That being said, she wondered which songs should fans listen just to get a feel for Casey Donahew Band and its music. SouthSide liked the fact that this artist and the band caters to a wide variety of music tastes within his songs, blogspot readers. For example, he had some rock-n-roll mixed with his Texas country ...there's even some love ballads as well as revenge songs too. "...a good mix of what the band is about..." says Casey who suggested listening to anything off the last two records. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the following - 'Whiskey Baby' and the ballad 'Small Town Love' (the current single) to which you will get to hear the two completely different sides to Casey and his songwriting styles. Just for fun, this reviewer asked him if he had the chance to work on a collaboration with any musician who would it be. Instead of answering with one name, he gave her three which would have produced one interesting album if you combine Rob Thomas (rock) with John Mayer (alternative) and Garth Brooks (country). And since he lives near the Forth Worth area of Texas, he related to SouthSide about the music happening not only there but in Austin when she asked him about his local music scene. "...[you] can go to Austin and find music every night of the week there ...[it] has a wide spectrum of music..." and then mentioned a venue in Fort Worth - Billy Bob's, a popular country and western nightclub there calling it the "....largest place for honky tonk music..." Sounds like a fun place for SouthSide to learn how to Texas two-step whenever she gets the chance to visit Forth Worth, blogspot readers. Can't forget about Dallas either since big acts swing by to play at the Cowboys AT&T Stadium too.

Still at the end of the day, Casey Donahew and the band is about catering to their fans, blogspot readers, by interacting with on social media sites (i.e. Facebook, their band site, et al) as well as meeting them in person. With the use of social media, independent bands like Casey Donahew Band can get immediate feedback from their fans about songs and past to present performances. And what about the Chicago fanbase? SouthSide will let Casey answer that question "...we're excited to get back to Chicago's a pretty good fanbase..." but more importantly, he cannot "...wait to get back on the stage at Joe's and put a good show..."

Check out Casey Donahew Band performing at either the Riverfront Mayfest or at Joe's this weekend, blogspot readers, if you're in the Chicago area. If not, visit for dates when he and the band will be performing live at a town near you.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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