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28 Apr 14 - Sons Of Hippies

From Villains to Goths, now SouthSide’s hanging out with Hippies!

Marls In Charge
That’s right, blogspot readers, this busy reviewer recently ended her fun-tasttic weekend at Wicker Park’s legendary Double Door to rock with Sons of Hippies (FL) featuring opening act, MarlsInCharge ( from Iowa. At first, she liked how this band opened their set with a bit of instrumental fire and spunk ...a boisterous burst of sound and energy. Yet she truly couldn’t “get into” Marls because they rarely spoke to their audience and/or mentioned which song (s) they were about to perform or just performed. It would have been nice to know (like their fans) since they had some really decent songs that SouthSide enjoyed during their Double Door performance. Despite having a few moments where the bass may have been overpowering or the chord changes seemed a little confusing, Marls’ sound and music added the right jam element in preparing this audience for the band (Sons Of Hippies) performing next, blogspot readers. This reviewer could feel especially while performing the closing song the influence of Pink Floyd wafting within the electric guitar riffs. In her opinion, it was on the of their better songs even though not knowing what the name of it. Overall, she recommends checking out MarlsInCharge whenever and wherever they rock the stage again.

“...we’re famous’re not but that’s okay...”
So, blogspot readers, what does Florida know about hippies? Apparently, a whole lot because they obvious know how to rock a stage with that eclectic retro 70s hippies sound. SouthSide immediately like the blast of energy floating throughout the venue which had the audience digging the groovy melodic rhythms and beat produced by the Sons Of Hippies. Still, that’s merely half of what’s great and exciting about this band. Check out the female lead vocalist and guitarist, Katherine ...and if you don’t get the vibe of Jim Morrison flowing in her veins when watching her perform, then you’re not a “true” psychedelic hippie, blogpsot readers. It wasn’t just feeling the spirit and poetry of The Door’s front man being embodied within some of SOH’s song like Will We Live Again or Blood and Wine. She also vocally tapped into her female counterparts like Joan Jett (when she wanted to be hardcore) or Blondie (when she wanted to add a bit of softness to her voice). Poetry in motion whenever her voice projected emotions into the words or her fingers strummed the intense yet vibrant riffs. This type of female lead really fueled the spunk and fire which kept the other members of SOH pumped as well as their audience hungry for more. It was, blogspot readers, the modernized version of the late 60s/early 70s for the millennial generation that featured intricate electric riffs to digital wizardry to blow your mind ...the hypnotic call of a drum circle off the percussions ...all wrapped around a cloud of intense energy to which you cannot stop moving to. This would have been The Doors performing at Double Door if Jim and Ray were still alive in 2014. However Sons Of Hippies made a great substitute, blogspot readers, especially with the groovy psychedelic light projections against the SOH sign in front of the drums that truly heightened the experience for not only this reviewer but also the fans. What a performance, blogspot readers from beginning to end. Florida definitely knows how to rock with that hippie sound! SouthSide highly recommends getting your piece of the psychedelic groove from Sons Of Hippies while they’re currently on tour. You’re going to have a wild time with this band...

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