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08 May 14

“...I've always love my voice...” ~ Brian “Bender” Vecchione

He got the band back together ...after a long year of being apart.
Yet, the mission was to give this charismatic front man a party he would never forget, blogspot readers.

Tonight, at Lakeview’s Elbo Room, it was a rockin’ family reunion gathered to support and celebrate A Birdsong Valentine’s one-night only performance which also doubled as Brian’s bachelor’s party. Members from such bands Lucid Ground, 72 Hours, We Killed The Lion, A Friend Called Fire, EchoSon, Heavy The Fall, Reverie (now known as Model Stranger) as well as family, friends, past and current Elbo Room employees, and fans packed the basement lounge to relive fond and screamo memories with Brian and the band. And as everyone knows, if a party involves Brian, expect anything wild to happen. Surprisingly, it was rather tame but fun nonetheless which gave everyone a chance to reconnect again. In a way, blogspot readers, you can say Brian did more than just get the band back together. He reunited EVERYONE involved in Chicago’s local scene even if it was for one night...

“...Anyone else want me? I’m off the market...”
It was suppose to be the performance that was never to happen, blogspot readers, according to a reliable source ...only because the band hadn’t performed together since the last reunion show in 2013. Amazingly for a band that hasn’t been together, A Birdsong Valentine can still rock the stage with its intense guitar riffs and Brian’s infamous gut-busting scream. But don’t expect him to pop the screams on command as much. It took him a little while to warm up the vocals needed for songs like “Sink Or Swim” and “Kill Your Idol” to fully pump out those feelings of rage and frustration into the lyrics. Yes, blogspot readers, it may have been a rough start for A Birdsong Valentine but they did finish strong amidst the fans booing. They were hungry for more out and from this band. It was a very hot show ...and this reviewer’s not just talking about how steamy it felt in the basement either. “...all proceeds goes to A/C for Elbo Room...” says Brian after drinking water. No, she’s talking about the memories flowing from A Birdsong Valentine (as well as The Branded – ABV but one notch higher on the rock scale with less screaming vocals by Brian) to which everyone rocked to their favorite song. Songs like “Dance Inside My Head”, “Shinobi” and “I Am” which was dedicated to Stephen Francis (front man of Model Stranger). Though knowing their performance time would be limited, SouthSide missed hearing other songs like “First Move” and “Drug Pizza” by The Branded and “Knowing The Problem” and “Rest In Peace” by A Birdsong Valentine. However the main focus of this family reunion was to party ...and that’s what everyone did upstairs after the show to salute Brian on his upcoming nuptials, blogspot readers.

Thanks for the memories (and the famous sound bites), Brian, and congratulations to you and your fiancée...
Until next time, support your local scene,

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