Thursday, May 8, 2014

One On One With Brandon Fox

He was part of the melodic-fused experimental/rock band known as Makeshift Prodigy, that has wowed fans and numerous venues across the US including Summer Fest and Lollapalooza ‘13. As part of Makeshift, this musician has the unique ability and personality to captivate the audience’s attention with his exuberant energy and momentum during live shows ...and now he’s ready to show off his original songwriting and music skills too. Happy that he was able to share those experiences with his bandmates, blogspot readers, Brandon Fox made the difficult choice to move forward with his professional music career and goals by launching “The Brandon Fox Project”. Since breaking away from the band, he hasn’t had time to slow down now that he’s emerging as one Chicago’s hottest rising solo acts rockin’ the scene with an eclectic mix of urban pop/dance/R&B that will certainly please the ears of the pickiest music listener. Recently, SouthSide sat down and chatted with Brandon about his solo project and his decision to break away from Makeshift Prodiigy.
SouthSide: How would you describe your music style in five (5) words or less? And which band/musician would you say influences your style the most? Why?

Brandon Fox: “...Honest and relatable. In life we deal with a lot of bullshit. The Brandon Fox project is a form of relief as I strive to provide a place of comfort for my listeners. If I were to pick one artist or band, I would be cheating out way too many others. But, I will say I grew up watching and pretending to be Michael Jackson. I mean, from that point to playing in an alternative rock band, my variety in style of music has expanded to say the least. I take those influences and incorporate it with life experiences to create a finished product that I hope people will enjoy...”

SouthSide: In your opinion, was it difficult transitioning from being a part of the band to becoming a solo artist?

Brandon: “...It goes both ways. When a group, team, company, etc., has been together so long and accomplished so much, the hardest decision is whether to stay or depart. Over those 8 years, I learned so and am super thankful for those dudes and the opportunity...”

SouthSide: When can fans expect to hear new music from you and where can they find it?

Brandon: “...I’ve played around with some remixes and covers that are up on my Soundcloud I also recently released a track with my good friends outta Chicago, Elektro Riot”

SouthSide: Is there a particular song you recommend listening from you solo stuff? Live performance in the works?

Brandon: “...I was in Arizona this past March with producer, Cameron Mizell, and shot this video - Say Something- A Great Big World cover I also recorded a couple tracks for the upcoming release, The Brandon Fox Project. Best way to stay updated is through my Facebook fan page New music, videos, and show announcements will all come out this summer. Much love!...”

There you have it, blogspot readers. Brandon Fox will poised and ready to take the local scene by storm when The Brandon Fox Project is fully operational just in time to be a part of the long summertime months of fun and music. SouthSide highly recommends giving this solo artist a listen.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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