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18 Oct 13 - Carnivale Delirium

Hurry ...hurry ...hurry ...step right up and witness magical feats and alluring delights that will astound your mind ...and seduce your senses at this carnivale...

Move along, kid're too young to enter ...move along or I'll box your ears...

That's right, folks, don't be shy ...come closer to the stage ...there's plenty of room for all. Eager to enter through the tent, aren't you, sir? That's right, madam, come closer and see things you've never seen before at Carnivale Delirium!  Oh no, blogspot readers, this isn't some ordinary carnival where the rides are cheap and thrills are weak! No! Our wonderful host, Lord Joseph Cr Vourteque the 4th would never invite you some run-of-the-mill event. That's not his style ...especially since this is also his birthday party. Take a gander at this fine lineup of acts and sideshow wonders, folks, at Carnivale Delirium...

Meet the lovely Karolina Lux, a temptress of the burlesque belly dance and other delights ...her moves will make the proudest of all virgins blush ...if magical tricks and slight of hand is your thing, sir, then watch our resident Magician Michael Burke wow the mind ...if a bit more daring, witness the mysteries of science and together with Sanjula Varama ...or have some fun with Professor Pinkerton and his Dead Man's Carnivale featuring the magic of Shandini ...come hear a tune or two with our resident operatic vagabond, Eric Stern and finally dance to the sweetest vaudevillian gypsy music you've ever heard by Candy Town. While inside the carnivale tents, blogspot readers, peruse the latest in Victorian/steampunk fashion and neckcollars for the ladies ...for the gents (and ladies too) we have stylish mustache tattoos as well as an opportunity to make your very own Clockwork Vaudeville poster... 

Don't be shy, folks... 

Come and enjoy all that you see here with SouthSide at Carnivale Delirium!

Michael Burke
After passing through the tent curtains, blogspot readers, you'll find Michael Burke with his lovely assistant from the audience, Jess, ready to amaze you with a couple of tricks with cards and a clown nose before completely blowing your mind away with the disappearing card trick ...but wait, how did that deck of cards come out of his mouth?! Aw ...that's the wonders and magic of the mysterious unknown ...and he's not revealing how he does it. Now, Michael will further astound your mind with his famous rope trick that started in three different sizes before turning into one single piece of rope and then back to three different sizes again. Yes, madam, that was incredible. To end his time with you at Carnivale Delirium, he will attempt another card but with several cards to choose from with his new lovely assistant, Marlene. His assistant has picked card number four which is a seven of diamonds ...and look - he somehow has picked the same card! Isn't that amazing, folks?! Say goodbye to Mr. Michael Burke's time to see our next attraction.

Karolina Lux
Move along, folks. So much to see little time left to do all and see all. As we approach this next stage, please keep your hands to yourselves, gents touching the beautiful ...seductive mistress while she's dancing. Very hypnotic with each hip movement, isn't it? Yes, watch closely as she expertly uses her divine skills theatrical dance to shake and ripple her hips in an enticing way to lure your senses with such delightful carnal thoughts. Our temptress here at Carnivale Delirium - Karolina Lux ( - combines tribal belly dance with some burlesque to tease as well as tempt you with every swivel performed in time to the lively music. A lovely creature indeed who can further tempt your mind with the feathery fan dance or skillfully handle a sharp saber on top of her head even in a split! Lovely ...quite lovely, wasn't she, blogspot readers? We shall see her again shortly...

Sanjula Vamana
Please be warned ...this next stage is not for the weak at heart or those with a medical condition. Enter at your own risk. Now, we come to the part of Carnivale Delirium where the mysteries of science and magic are answered, folks. Meet our resident rajah Sanjula Vamana ( who will become a human dart board for your entertainment. Who would like to volunteer? You, sir? Or You madam? How about you, Lord Vourteque since this is your birthday party? Give his lordship a round of applause as he makes his way to the stage ...and yes, those darts in Sanjula's hands are real and sharp. Ah, look, we also have the lovely Mary from Dead Man's  Carnivale assisting our rajah with the inflating of the balloons. Here's how the human dartboard works - for every balloon that Lord Vourteque pops, Sanjula will remove an article of clothing. Ha, he's such a comedian, folks, as he removes his trousers and shirt to set up the act's finale. Poor, his lordship, he got a face full of Sanjula in the end! For his next trick, he has the lovely Jess assisting him as she steps barefoot on a Tesla coil pad. Be careful, Lord Vourteque when connecting the cord to the plug ...yes, folks, that's a dangerous piece of equipment so do not touch her if you have metal on. Wow - that's so amazing while we watch how she lights this tubing with the touch her hand (and being on the Tesla pad). Now holding her hand is the dashing Master Bator and LordVourteque who's holding Sanjula's hand as he sticks a light bulb in his mouth. Voila - the bulb lights up! See the firestick become enflame from the touch against her skin and tongue. This, folks, is fun with science!

Professor Pinkerton
Leaving the science and magic behind, we now arrive to our next stage performance featuring the infamous Professor Pinkerton and his sideshow carnival troupe of Dead Man's Carnival (, blogspot readers. Sadly, for our Carnivale, he couldn't bring his entire menagerie of colorful characters with him however he did bring Shandini to amaze us with his spectacle feats of magic and whatnot after his opening act. Again, this stage is not for the weak of heart especially when he's pushing this long needle into his arm. Yes, the needle is real, folks, and sharp! No, there aren't any pre-existing puncture wounds in his arms. Next we have Shandini (and the lovely Marlene assisting) to show you a few slight of hand tricks with his magic ball and cups before revealing how it's done, folks. Again, we have Shandini (this time now assisted by Lauren) with a very dangerous game featuring an array of  cups but under one is the spike! And nervous tensions are running high as he smashes each cup until ...whew - the very last cup had the spike! Isn't that incredibly amazing?!

Before leaving this stage performance, Professor Pinkerton needs four volunteers to join him  for this unique game of chance in which he has $60 (yes, real money, folks!) to be given to the lucky person who picks the correct envelope. First, they must choose out of the five envelopes - Yours, Mine, Nothing, Sex and Something - that has the cash prize. Contestant #1 picked Yours and received a sticker ...contestant #2 picked Mine and received a sticker here's contestant #3 feeling a bit lucky but sorry there was Nothing in that envelope except a sticker ...and lastly it's contestant #4's turn ...will that person be lucky? Sorry, folks, the envelope marked Sex had a sticker. Where's the cash prize? In the one marked Something. The good Professor has one last trick for you, folks, and he needs another volunteer to help assist him with his ice pick trick! Our lovely volunteer will gently spike the pick into his face ...please leave now if you have a weak constitution, blogspot readers, because this magic trick is not for the faint at heart. There she goes ...gently spiking a real ice pick into his face! Then, he pulls it out - not a single drop of blood! Oh, he has just one more trick to perform swallowing this balloon whole before your very eyes! Watch as he digests it til the very end and ...out pops the deflated balloon and colorful streamers! How's that for a finishing act, folks?! Weren't you amazed?!

Eric Stern
Rounding the corner here inside this huge Carnivale Delirium tent, we finally meet our vagabond of the operatic voice and accordion extraordinaire, Eric Stern ( of Vagabond Opera, blogspot readers. At this stage, he will delightfully entertain you folks with song ...a little comedic flare and lively tunes performed on his squeeze box. Yes, madam, he does have a fine tenor falsetto while singing his poetic ballad Love Come To Me before entertaining you with an upbeat tune on his instrument. Yes, folks, please do dance to his music. Ah, listen to his strong vibrato in such fine operatic sound while singing about chess players in the park in this tune called Chess Fiends ...and sadly they never noticed him playing his accordion. Shed a tear or two during his vocal demonstration of an operatic aria, folks. Before we leave, does anyone have questions for our vagabond artist to answer? Yes, you sir - what's your question ...he wants to know where does Jesus make babies? Yes, is there another question ...ah, here's one for you to think about - would you fight 20 duck-size horses or 1 horse-size duck? Hm ...good question. One more - what's the best way to pay the guy who paints the trim on your house? Good news, folks, he will entertain us with a couple more songs. Be moved by his Italian rendition that will make you cry a few tears before the temptress of the dance joins him on stage to perform a song she wrote and will sing especially for you tonight. Not only will she sing and entice you with the seductive swivel of the hips she will also play the trumpet. Now, it's your turn, folks, to join this couple in a rousing drinking song as you Sing For Your Lives ...and dancing to this lively upbeat tune is strongly encouraged!

Before meeting our last Carnivale Delirium performance, just want to mention how fashionably stunning everyone looks in their Victorian/steampunk attire tonight. You lords, ladies, and gentry folks ...the creme of the creme in society strutting around in your finest while attending this non-ordinary carnivale/birthday party. While waiting for the next act to begin, take time out to visit the latest fashion and collar neckpieces for the ladies by our featured vendors of the evening. Don't have a stylish mustache to adorn your face? No problem ...we have a fine selection of mustache tattoos to choose from  at your pleasure, gents ...and ladies too. Also , you can design your very own Clockwork Vaudeville poster to take home! Plus we have electro swing and Vagabond Opera music on sale. Or try your hand at luck at one of many Carnivale contests with Lord Vourteque, blogspot readers. Be judged on your mustache ...or pick what's the best to be judged on. Would you choose - the length of a name ...the shiny baldness of one's head ...the tolerance of shaming or the best one-liner? Hm ...who should win the prize of free drinks/beer at the bar tonight?

Candy Town
Our last act is now ready to perform for you, blogspot readers. Come a bit closely ...don't worry, these musicians adorned in harlequin white face paint don't bite but will entertain you with a unique combination of vaudeville comedy and gypsy rock while moving in sync to the music with their choreographed pantomime movements. And to further your enjoyment with this band, they have cool kitties singing vocals to bandleader Sean on main vocals. Don't be shy. Dancing is strongly encouraged during Candy Town's ( act, folks. This vaudeville-like band will be performing your favorite swing hits like Private Pennies, Dr. Jangle, Top Hat, Shirley and that old time tune we all love - Shine One Harvest Moon. Notice how the soft lighting illuminates their white make-up bringing a bit of pre-Halloween creepiness to their performance especially with the backup singers (Maggie and Kristin) prancing around the stage as slinky cats (with cat's eyes too!). In between songs, there will some vaudeville style comedy and wedding ...that's right, folks, the young Lord Vourteque is about to be betrothed not one but two lovely women tonight! This will take place after singing the song Home On the Range (a lovely arrangement instead of the standard Happy Birthday) to him. Wow, what a selection of eligible ladies to choose from, folks, as two are brought to the stage to marry his lordship and bandleader Sean performs the quickie ceremony. What a snog on the lips by the alluring redhead! Enjoy the chill down jazz scene with your partner. "Hope all your dreams come true" says bandleader Sean before  Candy Town performs Last Song as this ends our time at Carnivale Delirium, folks...

Just walk through the exit sign to return to your daily lives ...until the carnivale returns next year...

Hope you had fun!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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