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13 Oct 13

In this corner ...a weighing in at whopping weight of rock intensity and hardcore guitar riffs...

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

Welcome to another knockdown ....knockout fight to be number one at this local battle of the bands, blogspot readers! Held at Reggie's Rock Club, this battle featured local up and coming acts rockin' the Chicago area like Abscissors, Calamity Matrix, Loose Lips, Driven and many more during this special Sunday afternoon all-ages show presented by Gorilla Music. 

Though a rather short performance of two songs, it wasn't enough to win over this reviewer into liking this opening band, blogpot readers. In her opinion, Loose Lips kicked off the Sunday afternoon lineup with a weak opening that had no pizazz or excitement within their hardcore rock sound for the early arrivals in the audience. Perhaps, another guitar would have helped boost the band's music as well as spike female lead Karina's voice into being more emotionally intense and forceful to which the two songs desperately needed some strong vocal umph instead of cutting her voice short whenever she reached that high vocal range. Don't hold back that rock angst ...scream out that frustration ...tap into the female rocker voice power on the mic! People need to feel it melting their faces off besides hearing it. On a good note, the energy was there, blogspot readers however, as newly formed band, it wasn't enough to rock out the venue or "...with a dirty, sleazy taste..." in this reviewer's mouth like Loose Lips' Facebook page promised. Question - in between songs, why did she disappear and then re-appear? It was somewhat confusing for SouthSide to see her walk off stage after the first song that she thought the set was over. For more information, visit

Taking over the stage next was an instrumentally melodramatic rock band ...yet "melodramatic" doesn't begin to describe behind Abscissor ambient, soothing, meditative rock sound. This band from Des Plaines, IL opened their performance was lucid floetry of progressive music before wowing the senses with thunderous crashing cymbals and guitars in one huge punch. What a smack to the face, blogspot readers. And SouthSide was so glad there weren't any lyrics or it would have ruined the intense soundwave as the band gradually returned to the original tempo. There was a moment when Abscissor rocked the venue with a freakishly haunting tune when the guitars played continuously on a series of notes while the drums carried the rhythmic side to the song. Other songs heard during Abscissor's performance included Live Through (a dirty yet musically pleasing chaotic piece that you shall feel lots of energetic frustration) and Fading From Memory (more intense energy amidst random chord changes). The audience not only jammed along with the band but there was some head-banging action and calls for more from the band. While reviewing them, this reviewer was reminded of another local band - The Coop yet on the direct opposite of the music spectrum due to their hardcore instrumental sound. After closing with Endless Motion, Abscissor had taken this audience on one heck of a journey through earth-shattering instrumental music that was epic, blogspot readers. On a sidenote - the band is looking a bassist. For more information, visit

With a subtle intro luring the audience to ready their senses for their performance, this trio attacked the stage and its audience with a powerful punch of hardcore guitar sound, energetic momentum and cut-throat rock edginess wrapped around dynamic vocals. Driven didn't have to do much to engage everyone with their music since it was the music doing most of the talking for them, blogspot readers. And did they ever work that stage hard thus wasting no time in giving us what we came for ...a good rock show. This reviewer liked how Driven was built around the band's front man/guitarist Zach and his heartfelt vocals which did give the impression his voice wasn't suited for this type of hardcore rock music. Well, after hearing songs like Awaken and Requiem (both can be found Driven's current CD Abstract(ion)), his voice charmed that mic. It naturally highlighted him being emotional expressive of pain and angst heard in the lyrics against the riveting bursts of riffs and thunderous rhythms. Sometimes he projected a low rumbling vocal tone to surround you within a haunting atmosphere meanwhile during another, it was spewing heated spite. With these type of vocals, it did help that Zach had a powerhouse of a rock sound backing him. The audience had their faces melted by the explosive nature of Driven's lengthy instrumental bridge where the trio allows the ears and mind to ride the intense metal soundwave and/or pulsating crescendos. Yes, heads were banging to the music ...thrilling fans with such guitar wizardry coupled with pounding percussion til the end, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this hardcore metal band at their next live performance as well as snagging their CD Abstract(ion) ...check out the last track - Silent Dream and be prepared to feel the heartfelt vocal tone amidst the trio's intense music. For more information, visit Driven at

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