Tuesday, October 8, 2013

05 Oct 13

Well, blogspot readers, she's back where it all began. And she got the best seat in the house too! 

Upstairs standing in the crow's nest of this infamous Wicker Park venue's balcony, SouthSide was on had to celebrate with The Paver on their "Trust" record release. This show also featured performances by Mares of Thrace and Wrekmeister Harmonies. This reviewer would have enjoyed the soothing meditative tone of the opening act by Wrekmeister Harmonies if there wasn't so much horrible feedback coming from the stage. She's not faulting the artist but the venue's sound system which seemed not compatible for this set (as well as for The Paver's either) because the noise muddled everything into a fuzzy chaos bouncing around SubT. And it didn't sound any better in the balcony where she was trying to decipher the complex harmonies from the distortion, blogspot readers. Sadly there were moments when the distortion was overshadowing the vocals and/or the electric guitar ...yet she wonders if that was his plan all along. If so, then he did achieve his desired performance outcome while on stage even though it was a little hard on the ears. Still, somewhere amidst the muddled noise and confusion was something so complex but beautiful and meditative with spoken vocal verses and razor sharp electric notes flowing in between the various programmed rhythms ...until seriously electrifying the stage with a blast of hardcore electric guitar rock. What a harsh smack to the ears, blogspot readers. This guitarist took your calm meditation to the highest level of brutal hearing however kept it so soothing as his voice reverbs endlessly on the mic. Despite the distorted harshness, this musician did perform one mesmerizing set at SubT tonight ...and the balcony was the best place to observe how furious and ferocious he worked the stage under such intense conditions until ending the song with a calming flow. Believe it or not - this was merely part 1 of this particular epic song to which he didn't have time for part 2. Maybe next time when SouthSide sees him again. For more information about Wrekmeister Harmonies, visit http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Wreckmeister-Harmonies/#.UlROz46vIUV.

And now, blogspot readers, how about a little baroque music with your rock and roll? If you're a fan of one or the other or both, then she highly recommends checking out The Paver at their next performance despite not the sound system not truly cooperating with this particular local band. Though the ears took another difficult toll on the sound, this reviewer still enjoyed the unique musical combination each component brought to the stage throughout the set. Whether it was the electric stringed instruments adding a touch of the classical orchestrated rhythms or the bass and drums roughing up the sound with some thunderous rock, this band packed one heck of a powerful punch of music, blogspot readers, that certainly appeased SouthSide's love of both. However, the poor sound system didn't do The Paver  and its music any justice to which she had a terrible time hearing the vocals and/or the music at times since the distortion overshadowed one or the other ...but mostly both. When the strings were toned down and the synths not in use, SouthSide was able to hear Jesse on vocals amidst the blended combined sound. And, blogspot readers, don't let the calm introductions from certain songs fool you. The Paver did have their moments when the either the classical and/or rock side became intense as well as furious like during one particular song in which this reviewer felt the venomous frustration spewing out of Jesse's voice in between the blaring thunder of music. It went quickly by like it began before giving the audience some "metal meets baroque" in the band's next song ...plenty of angered fury and punk surrounding this venue too especially there was some screamo action. Overall, blogspot readers, SouthSide enjoyed the blended orchestrations throughout the performance even though the venue's sound didn't help enlighten the experience since she feels cheated in not getting the full effect of the band. She hopes to see them again at another venue capable of handling their particular music. For more information, visit http://www.thepaver.bandcamp.com

Until next time, support your local scene,

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