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16 Feb 11

...[the] magic touch here, b**ches... ~ Illusion Fate

Hey, blogspot readers, it's really warming up within the local scene! Tonight, SouthSide's rockin' at Double Door for a rescheduled free show (due to Chicago's 20+ inches monster from Snow-maggedeon 2011). And these hot metal/industrial bands were ready to "destroy" the stage. The lineup featured performances by Bleed For The Fallen, Impale, Denial Machine and Illusions Fate with Disembodiment opening. First, this reviewer would like to do a "shoutout" to the rockin' guys of Sik Fiction for not only supporting the lineup performing on stage but for also poppin' cherries and Sprite. They will be rockin' the Double Door on March 13 - yes, it might be a Sunday night show but take a "Sik" day on that Monday, blogspot readers! Also another "shoutout" to Erik (of Beneath The Stares) and Ryan (SouthSide's newest "stalker" friend) for attending the show.

Thunderous roars of heart-pounding, raw primal screaming amidst an energetic metal sound - was how SouthSide would assess Disembodiment's performance tonight. It had instanteous vocal angst on the lyrics while the trio soaked the audience's ears with fast shredding of guitar riffs and percussion rhythms. What a rush SouthSide felt during the first two songs, Trapped and Ghetto (plenty of blood-curdling riffs amongst the chord changes to bang your head). Yet, while performing Broken Pill, this reviewer noticed Disembodiment wasn't using their rock sound to its fullest (and badest) potential. They seemed lacking in generating real excitement between them and the audience as in more "umph" into the music's energy. Also some of the song finishes needed a smoother ending but it was definitely releasing those inner metal demons which would have made Disembodiment'sset better, in SouthSide's honest opinion. She did, however, get her wish at the end of this band's performance when they played a hurried (due to time constraint) yet wicked instrumental piece. For more information, visit Disembodiment

Bleed For The Fallen had encaptured the entire Double Door venue with an electrifying aura of harsh metal sound which in fact literally made SouthSide's ears bleed. And believe her, blogspot readers, that was a good thing. This band had plenty of raw vocal power that made you feel Phil's (front man of this rockin' band) angst dripping from the lyrics. Then behind him was the main attraction - the rawness of thundering guitar riffs and rhythms totally fueling this audience's hunger for Bleed's hardcore sound. Everyone was energetically badass to the bone that SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed songs such as Pitiful Bitch (the best "kick the ex to the curb" song for 2011) and the closer, To Die Alone. Hopefully, Bleed will find a rockin' title for their (new) untitled song which featured a thunderous intro of electric riffs and melodic rhythms as well as ear-piercing shredding. Aw, pure metal joy here. For more information, visit Bleed For The Fallen at

It's been a while since SouthSide reviewed Denial Machine ...and her friends brought some surprises as well as changes to the Double Door stage tonight. Immediately, this reviewer liked the burst of energy instanteously wafting throughout the venue. Then she noticed there was more "umph" within Skube's (front man of Denial Machine) vocals and music. Denial, unlike the first two bands, had more of a melodic metal/rock vibe in which can be vibrant as well as passionately energetic. For instance, metal fans probably wouldn't be able to recognize a ballad when this band performs one because it still retains that metal sound but listen very closely, they can hear the angst/pain literally felt from Skube's voice. SouthSide was somewhat disappointed that he couldn't use the megaphone-like microphone to help accenuate the raw vocal sound for some deep screamo effect. Overall, it was good to see these rockers on stage again. For more information, visit Denial Machine at

Illusions Fate's last show (also at Double Door) was definitely a triumphant ... a spectacular performance of what this band can do while performing hard on stage. Though not quite as powerful as that show, still this rockin' trio did perform a hot energetic set which combined a mix of industrial and metal. Illusions, like their last show, wowed the audience with vibrant rock sound - vividly melodic at times but definitely hardcore which sometimes incites some fan moshing (amongst their diehard fans). Performing songs off their current album, The Ghost of Maya, Joel (front man on vocals and guitar) rocked the audience with pure lyrical angst on Overdose, Tear It Down and SouthSide's favorite, Dying Anthem. Fans can expect to see more of this rising band beyond Chicago's city limits as they plan weekend tours in the coming Spring/Summer months. For more information, visit Illusions Fate at

Despite not being able to stay for the entire headlining performance by Impale, SouthSide did sample a couple of songs by this Southside band. Metalheads, if you want to see how Chicago rocks wildly out of control ...ready to tear things down while performing hardcore metal rock, then you should check out this band! Impale was barely into its opening song when they began rockin' out the stage with such fierce energy that it had fans wildly feeling every ounce of what was pumped from Impale. This band had thundering epic instrumentals between the raw vocal screaming primal and animalistic that you could hear it from the back of the venue where SouthSide was standing. Plus she loved the thrilling chill felt from the metal guitar riffs and rhythms. She highly recommends checking out songs Tasteless Souls and Human Ribs For Dinner (sounds like good metal "eating" to her) as well as The Epic. Visit Impale at

Until next time, support your local scene,

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